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August 11, 2011

Sean Dougherty


Q. Three holes out there were just real tough for you today after overall great play; which holes had the double bogeys today?
SEAN DOUGHERTY: No. 6, No. 13 and No. 18.
So 6 and 13 were holes where you were not expecting double, you're looking to make birdie out there, there's not a whole lot of them. So those were disappointing.
18 is a difficult hole and I hit a bad tee shot there so that really cost me, getting out of there with 6 was actually pretty fortunate.
13th hole, I hit a bad tee shot and went in the fairway bunkers and then drew kind of a bad lie and hit a poor second shot from there, and tried to get a third shot from just short of the green, too close, hit it by about ten feet and I 3-putted there, which was really disappointing. So I missed about a 4-footer for bogey.

Q. Plus two heading into the last hole on 18.
SEAN DOUGHERTY: Correct. I just kind of pulled my drive, tee shot. Kind of a tough one for me to aim up the left and hit a cut. I pulled it and it went in the water, and actually I hit a pretty good third shot from there, just snuck it to the back bunker and bunker shot did not quite -- kind of left on the fringe and just got up-and-down from there.
So 6, all in all. Probably make an 8- or 10-footer for six is not bad.

Q. You said earlier your preparation was good for this week?
SEAN DOUGHERTY: Absolutely, yeah. We did some good work and figured out where to be, and fairways, where to be far as giving yourself better chances at making birdies on the greens.
We gave ourselves some opportunities and I didn't make any putts today. All in all, we had a lot of pars, and the three doubles were unexpected.

Q. When you see a major championship setup, obviously it's a fine line between success and not success.
SEAN DOUGHERTY: Absolutely, yeah. Your miscues can cost you far more dearly here, that's for sure. Other tournaments, you can get away with kind of an errant tee shot or a poor club choice and maybe make par or bogey the worst but here, mistakes really compound it on these majors which is to be expected. These guys are pretty good. They don't make too many mistakes.

Q. Any particular area you're working on in practice before you come back?
SEAN DOUGHERTY: Try to work on my tee shot a little bit, kind of gave myself a couple of bad shots and scrambled for some pars and like you said, the shot on 18 and the tee shot on 13, and actually the tee shot on 6 were the cause for my doubles. Definitely work on the tee shot.

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