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August 11, 2011

Brandt Jobe


Q. Tell me about your round today, 2-under, brand?
BRANDT JOBE: Yeah, pretty consistent. I didn't make any bogeys, just two birdies. One of my birdies was a 2-putt birdie, the par 5, and the other one was on I think about the 6th hole, and I made about a 15-footer.
So there was not a ton of excitement; hitting fairways, hitting greens, but had some good chances and burned the edges several times, but just kind of one of those solid rounds. Again, I had one exciting hole, made a par save, but other than that consistent which is what I want out here.

Q. Did the course play the way you expected it to today?
BRANDT JOBE: It did. They moved some tees around to make it a little more interesting. Primarily, we played everything back and then they move it up 20 yards and different bunkers, different clubs off the tee.
But the greens were not quite as firm today as what they were in practice rounds, which was kind of interesting. Don't know why. Don't have an answer.

Q. Fairway bunkers, any issues with plugging?
BRANDT JOBE: I hit driver, 3-wood into the fifth hole, and it hit about three inches below the lip, dead-buried with a 3-wood from 255 yards.

Q. Ever have that happen?
BRANDT JOBE: Not too often. I mean, they have got a lot of sands in these bunkers. I think that was kind of the idea to make them true hazards, and then this week they are true hazards. They are very difficult.

Q. Any plans for tomorrow?
BRANDT JOBE: You know what, just keep plugging away. I think this is one of those courses, I mean, sure, there's going to be some good rounds. Steve Stricker obviously had a fantastic round.
Jerry Kelly I think finished up pretty strong, too. Those are just great rounds of golf out here. I think anything under par is really good playing. So just keep plugging away. Great play for Steve, he's been having a great year.

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