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August 11, 2011

Jeff Sorenson


Q. The course started out smooth for some people and then started to show teeth; how would you describe it today?
JEFF SORENSON: Well, 1 through 13 are pretty -- fairly scorable, and the last five are pretty tough.
There's another one on the front, No. 2 is a pretty tough hole. But the greens are perfect, and there wasn't much wind, but the wind started picking up. If there's any wind, this course is really hard. If there's no wind, it's still hard but you can make some birdies.

Q. Is really the par 3s the toughest part of this golf course?

Q. No question?
JEFF SORENSON: No question. Well, and 18.

Q. And 18.
JEFF SORENSON: But the par 3s are brutal.

Q. What happened to you on the last hole?
JEFF SORENSON: I hit a perfect drive and was just trying to aim at the left side. I had a pretty good breeze into me and tried to hit a cut in there, started at the left side and it just over-cut and ended up about pin-high just about four feet right of the wall on the water. Just had birdied 17, too. But maybe a good round tomorrow.

Q. This championship, has it delivered all expectations as far as before you got here?
JEFF SORENSON: Yeah, it's awesome. It's cool. You know, it's kind of like what you expect it to be. But still, it's just golf. You have to get the ball in the fairway, the ball on the green and make a putt.

Q. The fairways are the place to be, but the rough is penal, too.
JEFF SORENSON: If you're in the rough, unless you have less than maybe 7-iron, you can't hit it. You can't hit it very far, at least. It's very tough, because the ball just comes out like a knuckle.

Q. What was your preparation like leading into the first round?
JEFF SORENSON: I played 18 Monday, nine Tuesday; Wednesday, did some practice. Had to take it somewhat easy because of the heat and stuff, but probably the most practice I've had all summer.

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