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August 11, 2011

Ross Fisher


ROSS FISHER: Hit some nice shots but misjudged how far the ball is going. The ball is flying miles, and struggled on the greens, because the front side, I didn't have any real long putts; whereas the front nine I wasn't hitting it as close and I had longer putts, so I was struggling for speed.
Disappointing to shoot 1-over, but I can't be too hard on myself, because I made really, really well. 4-under after five.

Q. They talk about the meat of the golf course, and at least one point the last four or five holes on the back nine; did you find that?
ROSS FISHER: I felt like I played 15 well. I hit a really nice 3-iron in there. Had a chance at birdie.
16 hit my first poor drive into the trap. Actually hit a really nice shot in there, but again that was my first kind of long putt, and it was up and over the slope and totally misjudged the speed and missed it from eight feet coming back.
And then 17, I hit a nice shot in there, made three.
18, decided to play rescue off the tee and just gave myself a little bit further in, and hit an okay 3-iron just a little bit left and had a massive mud ball for my bunker shot.
You know, like you say, it's a tough stretch, those four holes. But I felt like I played okay.

Q. One other thing, I know you withdrew last week, and I'm hearing something about you had a child in the hospital; is that what happened?

Q. And what was the issue and how are they doing?
ROSS FISHER: He's doing really well, thank you. My wife noticed on the Saturday evening as I was coming back from Killarney, the course, after playing, he had a rash on his leg.
Didn't really think anything of it, and then an hour later it kind of was worse. So she sort of spoke to my mum and thought it was best to call a doctor.
I got a text as I was getting a lift back to the hotel and she said wait for me there, we are going to go to the doctor's. The guys were really, really good helping us out, gave us a police escort to the doctors, and didn't want to take any chance and set off for an ambulance. Right there, both myself and Jo are filling up and getting a bit emotional, he's only three months old, so you never want it to happen to anyone, but to have it to a real little baby, it's really tough.
So you know, got there, and he was really well looked after. Jo actually said on the Monday, he's back to his normal receive. So I was in the hospital until 11:00 on Saturday.
And so Sunday, we talked about it, and said, look, there's nothing you can do for him, he's stable, he's here, try and go and play. So I tried to play and I played good for maybe ten holes, and then after that, just kind of mind was -- sort of drifted off the tournament really. After I bogeyed 11, I knew I wasn't going to have a chance. So that's when I sort of felt like don't want to be here sort of thing it.
Went to the hospital, he was there till Thursday and he got the all-clear. Obviously a bit too late for me to fly to Akron, so it's been nice having time at home and came out to the States a day early. Came out on Saturday, practiced Sunday and I feel ready, feel sharp for this week.

Q. What's your son's name?

Q. And was it right or left leg?
ROSS FISHER: It was both. It was on both. Like I say, didn't think too much of it at the start. But as it got course, you know, you automatically think it could be quite serious. That's when we went to the doctor and she thought, I don't want to take any chances, I wouldn't with my kids, so I won't take any with yours.

Q. Did they ever diagnose it?
ROSS FISHER: No, just a virus. Obviously all the serious things, myself and Jo are looking at each other, she was really upset, as was I, so trying to comfort each other that he's in good hands and going to be okay. And thankfully for us, he fought through it and he's back to health. So, all good.

Q. Nice gesture to give the money from last week to the hospital.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, I didn't realize, and Conor said, you're going to get last place money. I said I want to give some to my charity and some to the people Killarney that helped us out. If it wasn't for the doctor looking at him and getting him to the hospital that quick, hate to say it, but who knows, it could have been a lot more serious. That's why you like to kind of as a gesture just a little something to say thank you. That's the least we can do.

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