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August 11, 2011

Craig Stevens


Q. Didn't end how you want it to end at 18, but talk about your first round here this week.
CRAIG STEVENS: Well, it was really good. I had a middle hiccup. I hit a ball in the water on 8. I was playing pretty good up until that point, and I made a double on 8 and a bogey on 9, so the middle of my round I got it back going and then I think I birdied 13 and 14, which was awesome, and it was really going good. Like I say, on 18 I was really close, and I wanted to be aggressive, but at the same time I felt like I could have easily hit it over there, and I just didn't hit it very solid and ended with a double.

Q. What has this first round been like, obviously lots of people following you. Quite a rousing ovation. Talk about the experience walking out there.
CRAIG STEVENS: It was really cool. I knew people were coming out. I started out on the 1st hole and almost made birdie, so I hit it right down the middle and that was great. I hit it solid and hit it right up there with a 7-iron pretty close. With all the people being here, that was really great. It really gave me some chills. But I hit my golf ball well, and it was great.

Q. What's the goal for tomorrow? What do you have to do better?
CRAIG STEVENS: Well, I just need to be mentally there, just more relaxed. My son is out there on my bag, and he's trying to help me, and it's like, son, less is better, you know. But it's a tough situation.
I mean, the greens being where they are you cannot miss. I got up-and-down several times today. The easiest up-and-down I had was on 15, the par-3, and I didn't, so that took a little bit of wind out of the sail a little bit. But other than that, I didn't play all that bad, just missed a few, and we'll just go tomorrow.

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