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September 25, 2003

Aaron Baddeley


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you, Aaron, for joining us for a few minutes in the media center. Great round today. 8 under par 62. You had a chance to go really low there. You were 8 under par through 11 holes with birdies on seven out of eight holes. Talk about your day a little bit. Talk about how you had it going for as while and we'll go into questions.

AARON BADDELEY: I got off to a good start. It was still pretty dark out. I drove it well today. That was key. If I can drive it well, then I usually shoot a good score. I drove it in the fairway a lot and hit a lot of good shots. I love bermuda. I can roll it great on bermuda. I had good putts that were going in. And then there were a couple of tough holes. No. 4, the par 3, it's a long par 3, 5 irons and 6 irons in there. There are a couple of tough holes in there. And then down the stretch I would be lying if I didn't think of 59. There was definitely a chance. When I birdied 7, I thought get it in the fairway on the next. I hit a bad tee shot there and made bogey. Overall it was pretty good, I was happy.

Q. Can you talk about on the front nine, your second nine today? The shot started straying just a little bit. Go through the dynamics of how that happens. Is it because you're thinking 59 subliminally? Is it pushing at all?

AARON BADDELEY: I wanted pushing at all. Even on the back side, like when I missed a couple of the greens, I wasn't aiming at the pins I was aiming to the right, to the fat side of the pin to give me 15 feet. I knew I was putting great, so to just to give me an opportunity, there's every chance I'm going to hole it. It's something I'm working on. On my take away, it was a pull shot. No big drama.

Q. When you tore your ankle up and during the rehab when you get away from golf for a while, what does that do for you? Even though it was not that late in the year, what does that do for you?

AARON BADDELEY: How do you mean?

Q. To get away from golf, unexpectedly, it's kind of a jarring little vacation. You said it was a very positive one for you.

AARON BADDELEY: It was good because I went back to Australia, got to read a lot, grow my faith. I spent time reading the Bible and learning more about that, gaining knowledge there and those sort of things. I went back to Australia, like I said. I got a chance to catch up with my family and mates back there, and spoke at my church back there. It was great. I can see how people get used to doing nothing, but then after a while, you wake up and think today, what's there to do? Nothing. Gee, let's get back out on the road. It was good, but I would have liked to have kept playing.

Q. When did 59 first cross your mind today? When did you start thinking about that?

AARON BADDELEY: I stopped thinking about it after my bogey on 8, because I couldn't do it. I guess after I made - somewhere when I was 8 under.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: The birdie on two?

AARON BADDELEY: Sort of around there, yes.

Q. On 1, you hit the low line drive into the tree, it bounced....

AARON BADDELEY: I was unlucky I thought. If it missed it, it would have been next to the hole.

Q. It was right on line when you hit the tree, even though you hit the tree, it landed in a spot you could manage it and get it up nicely, an excellent shot. When that happens and you're able to salvage the hole, do you feel I'm in the zone now and everything is happening for me now?

AARON BADDELEY: Not really. It's sort of funny how sometimes I get good breaks what I'm playing well. It's funny how things go that way. But also you're in a good frame of mind. You can get the exact same bounce, and if you're 6 under or 6 over, you look at that same bounce completely differently, because you're in a different mindset.

Q. What is the key that started you today going so low?

AARON BADDELEY: Driving well. I got off to a good start. Hit close to holes and gave myself a chance. Converted, really. It's good when you can convert.

Q. How long have you been back on the Tour?

AARON BADDELEY: I came back at Memphis.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Can we go over your birdies starting on 10.

AARON BADDELEY: Driver, 8 iron, to about 5 feet.

13, wedge to about 5 feet.

14, chipped and putted there just off the edge.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: How long was your putt?

AARON BADDELEY: 4 feet, 5 feet.

15, driver, 7 iron, about a 20 footer.

16, 2 iron, lob wedge, about 20 feet again.

17, 8 iron to about 5 feet.

No. 1, pitched and putted from about 60 yards.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: How long was your putt?

AARON BADDELEY: About that far.

No. 2, driver, 9 iron, and holed about a 20 footer again.

7, 4 iron, lob wedge, 5 feet.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: You had a bad tee shot on 8.

AARON BADDELEY: An unplayable. It rolled down the cart path, and then wedged it up and missed it from about 15 feet, left it short.

Q. Is this the best you've played since you returned or is it also the best you've scored?

AARON BADDELEY: It's definitely the best I've scored. Since coming back, I felt my game is about this far away. It's just a matter of being patient. I was doing all the right things and I've had two weeks off the last couple of weeks, which is nice. I had a mate from Australia hang out, and I played a lot last week, we didn't practice a lot. It was fun, just for play.

Q. Where was that?

AARON BADDELEY: Back in Scottsdale where I live.

Q. You said you were going for the fat side of the greens....

AARON BADDELEY: I was just saying the fat side of the pin. The wind is off to the right. I was trying to hit it 10, 15 feet left of the pin. Instead of aiming straight at it and getting in the trap, you play slightly left. I gave myself 15 feet and made it.

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