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August 11, 2011

Bob Sowards


BOB SOWARDS: The first few holes were a little nerve-wracking, but I played them it par, birdie and went from there.

Q. What section of the round kind of got you on track for what you did today?
BOB SOWARDS: I had a fantastic warm-up session. I hit it terrible on the range yesterday and was out there for an hour and a half hitting balls, but I was prepared, the whole thing was my mind-set switched this morning to just going out there and playing instead of just trying to make good swings.
So it's just a mind-set.

Q. What's the best finish you've had at the PGA?
BOB SOWARDS: I haven't made the cut. That's the goal. This is my first under-par round.

Q. So for tomorrow, that's without question the goal?
BOB SOWARDS: Without a doubt. I'm going to be looking at the cut line. Hopefully I won't have to. I'm still going to try to make par, just try to par every hole and if I hit it close, try knock it in for birdie and that was my goal today and try to do the same thing tomorrow.

Q. After the bogey got you back to one, and you came back to two, what were you thinking at that point? Did you think you could hold it together there?
BOB SOWARDS: 8, I just hit 3-wood and then 4-iron or 5-wood or whatever and just playing that hole for par, I just pulled it. Hit it solid. I might hit driver there tomorrow. It just a hard hole for me, and I thought I made that putt on 9 but just left it real short.

Q. Did you feel pretty good on -- all week around the golf course, from start to finish?
BOB SOWARDS: Yeah, I felt fantastic. I didn't -- I don't know how many putts I had but I had well over 30. I was -- I hit it fantastic. I hit it solid every shot, even the holes I bogeyed, I hit solid shots. And it just -- I mean, it didn't make it easy but it made it easier.

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