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August 10, 2011

Aleksandra Wozniak


S. STOSUR/A. Wozniak
6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You were one of Canada's last hopes. How does it feel now after losing today?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Well, it's disappointing. You know, you play at home and you want to do so well.
But I thought it was a good match, and I had a really tough opponent today. She played really well.

Q. Did you feel any extra pressure representing Canada out there in Toronto today?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Oh, no. By now I'm so used to it with pressure and everything that I think that's what's good when you mature and you gain a lot of experience. I know how to deal with things better and pressure, so no, I didn't.

Q. How much did the conditions play a factor in your game today?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Obviously, yeah, the conditions were pretty tough today, but when you step on the court you've got to be ready to deal with whatever comes in front of you, you know, your opponent or the sun or the wind. I mean, yeah, they were pretty difficult, but I tried my best.

Q. What did you like the best about your performance today that you can build on for the future?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Well, I tried not to give up, and I tried to fight each point, because Sam, she has such a big serve. You know, it looks like it's easy to attack her second serve, but actually it's pretty tough. It has so much spin on it.
I was trying to keep pressuring her on her serve and stepping in with my returns, which was really tough because it kicks up high, so it was difficult.
But, no, I think, you know, I'm trying to move forward and keep improving little things. I gained some confidence in this match. I can't wait to come back again much stronger.

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