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August 9, 2011

Aleksandra Wozniak


6-1, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did your win last week in Vancouver really help your confidence for your performance tonight?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Yeah, last week I had five good matches, and definitely it helped me gain confidence and I played a lot of matches which helped my game, also.
So today it showed that I played really well. I played offensively, and I didn't let her come back in the match.

Q. Did you feel that the qualities that you had that helped you win last week they were evident today, like it was the same sort of play you were playing last week that you were playing today?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Yeah, and I thought even today I made less errors. I was playing more consistent, and I was trying to wait for the right ball and play aggressive.

Q. Last time that you played was a very different situation. I don't know if there was less pressure or not, because at that point Canada was basically trying to go for World Group position in Fed Cup against Israel, and Shahar kind of had you that day. I wanted to know two things: A lot of double faults by both players. Were you affected by the low setting of the sun in your eyes? It seemed like everyone had a lot of problems with the vision and a lot of discussion with the umpires about whether the balls were in or out; and secondly, did you notice any kind of situation with Shahar where maybe her game wasn't quite up to what you expected?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Okay, so first question, back, yes, last time we played was, if I remember, Kamloops, right, in 2007, the World Group Fed Cup? That's right.
Yeah, it was a different situation. I mean, first of all, it was four years ago, so I'm a different player. Obviously, yeah, she played a great match back then. They won the World Group. It was really nice for them, disappointing for us.
But today, yeah, to answer your other question regarding the sun, well, yeah, it was different, especially when -- I felt it more on the returns of the serves, but actually I handled that better even though the sun was there on my left side, on the other side.
But my serve, yeah, I thought, you know, I tried my best with serving well, and I did some -- I put her in tough positions with my serve. Returning, I was waiting for the short ball and stepping in.
And I think just didn't let her find her rhythm in her game, because I was always trying to dictate from the very first ball the point, and each points I think she just couldn't, you know, find her rhythm. So I tried to stay on her and have it under control.
I think I didn't miss a question.

Q. This tournament has not been kind to Canadians in the past few years.

Q. Two Canadians with yourself and Stephanie moving on to the second round. Your reaction to that?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Yeah, it's exciting. It's always been tough for Canadians to succeed at this Rogers Cup, in Toronto and Montreal. I think it's awesome that at least two Canadians past the second round.
It's always tough. I think there are so many things to deal with it, and you try to focus on doing every little thing right. There are a lot of distractions, and sometimes we just have the pressure that comes outside, but we try to do our best to deal with it. And now I'm older and I have learned so many different things, and especially one of them had to deal more with pressure playing at home.
I take it more positive than before, so, you know, it pays off when you know how to deal with things better.

Q. How are you enjoying, if you are enjoying, the sort of virtual combined that we have in Toronto and Montreal?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: It's awesome. It's fun. I see everyone there. It's really nice.

Q. With the win in Vancouver and the win today, how good do you feel going into the rest of this tournament? What challenges do you see will be the most difficult going forward?
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK: Yeah, the big challenge for me right now is that I haven't played much this year of tournaments. Because of the injury I was out like 10 months really, and it came back in March. So I'm trying to come back and play as many matches as I can.
So I always keep moving forward. I feel that each match I'm improving little things, and especially like the confidence, I'm getting more confident in my game.
So I think it's just building up, so definitely the challenge is always to take the next opponent.

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