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August 9, 2011

Stephanie Dubois


S. DUBOIS/K. Woerle
7-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I want to ask, the first set seemed like a really hard-fought battle, looked like you were getting frustrated at points in it, but in the second set you came out really strong. You seemed like you were happy. You seemed like you had a whole new attitude. How much did winning that first set change your mood and really help you cruise through the second set?
STEPHANIE DUBOIS: Well, she's been playing in the quallies, so she had two match under her belt. It was a tough first set. She was not giving me a lot of rhythm. Her game style is different than most of the girls on the tour.
So it was very tough, but I think I really fought well. And in the tiebreak I did some shots and I went for my shots and it went well. I guess I get -- I don't guess, but I got the momentum in the second set, and I served much better in the second. So it make a little difference, I think.

Q. I wanted to ask how much the crowd was obviously behind you, hometown favorite. How much did that support help you throughout the match?
STEPHANIE DUBOIS: It's always nice to play in your country. I like the fact that the crowd was cheering for me, obviously because I'm from Canada. But it always give me good energy, never put pressure on me.
But I know when I won the first set that people really were -- well, they were cheering a lot, and they give me energy for the second set. But it's always nice, always nice to perform in your own country.

Q. Did you have your own personal cheering section with you here today?
STEPHANIE DUBOIS: Yes. My family was there, and my coach was in the corner. Yeah, it's always nice to have your family. They don't get to see me play a lot, because I travel around the world.
No, I'm very happy of winning my first match here. It's never easy. First match you go a little bit nervous at the beginning, but I came back in the second and was very confident again.

Q. In terms of your confidence, how important was it for you not just to win but to win the second set as emphatically as you did?
STEPHANIE DUBOIS: Yeah, for sure it was not the best-looking tennis. It was like some ball was high, but I think I really played smart today. I played very good tactically, I think.
In the first set maybe I didn't hit the ball as well, but in the second set I came back more assertive on my game plan and it helped a lot. Again, my serve helped me a lot I think in the second set.

Q. So for you, looking at your rankings, you're always kind of like on the fringe of the top 100, sometimes breaking into it. How important is it for you in terms of your entire career to really finish this season strongly and kind of get into the top 100 and stay there?
STEPHANIE DUBOIS: Well, it's very important for me. And maybe last year was not the best year for me, but I've been playing very well. I want to get as soon as possible back in the top 100 and continue for my objective also to be top 50.
But with the way I'm playing right now, I'm very confident it's gonna move a lot, and it's very nice to perform in big tournaments and beat the best girls in the world.

Q. I noticed you were getting to a lot of dropshots today. How do you prepare and stay in shape for that?
STEPHANIE DUBOIS: Yeah, she was doing -- she did a lot of good dropshots, but one of my strengths is I run fast.
So I guess you -- well, I run fast, but also, when you hit the ball you need to disguise it. So let's say if you show down the line but you go cross court, so sometimes that helps. But I guess is fitness, but my genetics are I run fast. I like running dropshots.

Q. Just wondering if you could maybe talk a little bit about what it's like interacting with the press using this technology back in Montreal? What's it like interacting with the press in Montreal?
STEPHANIE DUBOIS: Oh, like this?

Q. Yes.
STEPHANIE DUBOIS: Oh, yes, it's fun. It's different. I'm not sure if I look at the screen or the camera, but I think it's a nice -- it's a little bit different. Maybe less stressful. (Smiling.)

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