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August 8, 2011

Rebecca Marino


7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you feel you were carrying the weight of Canada on your shoulders tonight going into the match?
REBECCA MARINO: Not necessarily. That didn't really put that sort of pressure on myself. Didn't really want to think about that, because it was a lot of weight.
I mean, yeah. I mean, I'm just pretty happy with how I played. I didn't come out winning, but I think I did a good showing for my first time.

Q. What was it in Makarova's game that really challenged you the most, especially leading towards the second set when it seemed like both of you struggled to get a break off each other?
REBECCA MARINO: Yeah, well, her serve was actually quite difficult. That second serve, I know it may have looked easy, but it's difficult, because there was kind of no pace on it. So it's hard to actually create your own.
She used the angles very well generally and moved me around a lot. Very smart player, I guess, is the difference.

Q. How did it feel to come out and hear the Canadian crowd cheering and waving the Canadian flags?
REBECCA MARINO: Oh, it was great. It's a great feeling to know everyone is behind me and everyone is accepting of the great sport.
Yeah, and I actually love playing here or anywhere else in Canada just because the fans are that good, yeah.

Q. What positives can you take away from this experience?
REBECCA MARINO: Yeah, well, let's see. I think I actually moved really well on the court, so that's sort of a positive.
But I think as experience-wise, just kind of getting to play under the lights was pretty good. And just having the crowd there just kind of helped me elevate my games at times.
And then sometimes it was -- I mean, when you can hear what they're saying, you try to focus but it can be distracting, so...

Q. You were born here in Toronto. How proud are you that this country and this city is able to put on such a prestigious and premier tournament?
REBECCA MARINO: I'm very proud we can hold an event such as this. I hear from a lot of players and from my own perspective that the volunteers and all of the staff here are just incredible, just doing anything they can to help us, very friendly, and I think that kind of shows the true Canadian spirit.

Q. Going back to the match, what was going through your mind in the tiebreak? You were down 5-Love there.
REBECCA MARINO: Yeah, well, I like to think I'm okay in tiebreakers, so being down 5-Love, I was like, Okay, come on. Like straighten up a little bit. I think just trying -- I wanted to show some sort of tenacity and actually fight a little bit.
I think I did that. I had a few chances and I did come back in the match. So to speak, I blew them, but, you know, that's in the past and I can't fix it. I just gotta look at it as things to learn from.

Q. I know that this year you have come into prominence given what you did in the Grand Slams, but when a match like this happens and some people might be disappointed given that you've lost in the first round, how do you kind of balance that? You're still learning, you're still quite young. This year I mean, from this time last year you've jumped over a hundred spots. Is it important for you to put these kind of, I mean, it was a difficult match, to put it in perspective?
REBECCA MARINO: Yeah, of course. I am disappointed losing my match here, especially first round. Not many people enjoy that, I think.
But, you know, I do put it in perspective. I think about where I was a year ago and how far I've come. I don't want to sound sort of egotistical when I say this, but I'm very proud of myself just how far I have come.
You know, yes, it's disappointing, but just so long as I stay positive about it, I can move forward and hopefully have a better showing next year.

Q. I know you live in Vancouver but you were born here. Did you have any family still here tonight that might have been here to watch you?
REBECCA MARINO: No, I don't. My dad came from Vancouver here to watch me tonight and was with me the past few days. We don't have any more family left in Toronto. My dad's hoping to show me around a little bit where his old stomping grounds were.

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