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August 8, 2011

Julia Goerges


J. GOERGES/J. Jankovic
6-1, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations on the win. What went right for you today?
JULIA GOERGES: Well, I had like two or three weeks which haven't been that well for me, but I improved every week when I was playing.
Well, today, if you play a player like Jelena, you have to play your best to beat those players. That's what I knew before. I went for my shots and I went for my game, and, yeah, it went pretty well today.

Q. You have always been pretty powerful, big serve, big forehand. But your defense was really, really good today. Was that something you have been working on?
JULIA GOERGES: Well, some years ago I wasn't that fit to move my body that well around. We have been working a lot of it, and we have been working hard the last couple of weeks.
Yeah, well, it paid off today. It never means something that it's paying off that fast. Today it was nice getting this win under your belt.
But, yeah, when you're working hard on those things, some days they will come together. That was one day today.

Q. Most would say 2011 is a breakout year for you. What has changed about your game over the last 12 months?
JULIA GOERGES: I would say the consistency. I mean, I'm still not a consistent player. I'm now the first time in the top 20 for a couple of weeks, and it's nice but it's never easy to stay there.
You have to work on your consistent. And the players who are in the top 10, they are playing their level every week, every match, and that, well, was for me where I was always struggling on.
It's getting better and better, but it's still not perfect for me. I mean, I have always some up and downs also in matches and weeks, so this is the most thing where I can work on.

Q. Possibly your biggest up would have to be when you defeated Caroline Wozniacki for your first career win. How did that help you, knowing you have the confidence to beat anybody here at this tournament?
JULIA GOERGES: Well, it was in front of the home crowd in Germany. It was a special moment for me, and it took a while to realize those things.
I wasn't really thinking about beating No. 1 there, and it just came all together and was a great feeling. It showed me what I can play and what I have inside.
To beat twice No. 1 in the world, it means a lot. You can be proud of that. But it never stops working. You never get it from somewhere. So you always have to be a worker for it, and you always have to go for it, because otherwise you don't beat those players.
That really helped me also today. Obviously I was shaking also in some matches, and today I was staying calm and tough in those things.

Q. Next up might be Serena if she wins tomorrow. Pretty tough draw for you to start. Is that something you're looking forward to? Have you ever played her?
JULIA GOERGES: Well, I got killed once in French Open one-and-a-half years ago, and it can only get better.
But, I mean, it can't be better normally for me. Playing Jelena here in my first round, it's a tough draw, but those matches you want to have. Obviously it never means that you make a lot of points or a lot of money, but you shouldn't think like that.
I mean, you get those matches, and that's what you're working for. You want to play those players to get better and better to have this competition.
This is what I'm looking forward. I mean, first she has to win, but when you look at the draw, you always think like that.

Q. It's your first experience here at the Rogers Cup. What has impressed you about the tournament and about the city?
JULIA GOERGES: I heard a lot of good things from it. I mean, I think it's switching every year with men's, right?
It's very well organized. I mean, the people are always nice here, they treat you well, and I feel a bit also like in Europe. It's very, very nice. It's to U.S. compared a bit different, but I have to say I'm -- yeah, I like it here. I mean, the people are really nice, and it's a nice place to be and where you can hang out, also.

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