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August 8, 2011

Marie-Eve Pelletier


7-5, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Give us your overall impression of the match today. What happened? What didn't work?
MARIE-EVE PELLETIER: What happened? I think we should have stopped the match at 5-1 in the first set. It would have been a much better day. (Smiling).
Obviously we started the match really well, and I think our opponents, they didn't quite have a tactic to play us, so it was working really well, and then they started -- they played a few good games, and I think we got a little tight and had a lot of opportunities, maybe a few bad calls I wasn't happy with, either. I don't know if you were there and heard me screaming, but it was pretty obvious.
So, yeah, that took the momentum away from us, and then -- but they came out really strong after that. In the second set we had another set point at 5-4 deuce.
So, you know, sometimes you try your best with everything you can, and it just doesn't seem to be going your way. Well, today was one way. Just didn't seem like anything was going to fall our way.
So we tried our best, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.

Q. How did you feel about the crowd support today?
MARIE-EVE PELLETIER: They were really nice. I mean, they were really behind us, I felt like. Obviously playing grandstand is not the same as playing on center court. But it's a fun court to play on, and I feel, yeah, they were supporting the Canadian team.
It's always fun to play here, and I'm just disappointed we didn't come up with a win for them.

Q. Do you think that there was any added pressure because of playing in Canada and having probably everyone behind you?
MARIE-EVE PELLETIER: Oh, well, for me I would say in the past when I was maybe 20, 22, yes, I would build up like a big thing around this tournament. I would sometimes get nervous and stuff.
But now that -- I think I'm up to playing here like 16 times. I don't get that feeling anymore. I just really enjoy playing here, and if anything, it makes me play better.
It's a lovely tournament to play here and in Montreal every time, so just -- I mean, it's tough draws we have here. It's one of the strongest tournaments after, if not the strongest, after the Grand Slams. It's not always easy for us to come up and pull the upsets every year.

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