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August 6, 2011

Steve Elkington


Q. 4-under, 68. Nice playing today.
STEVE ELKINGTON: Yeah, you know, we got used to this wind. I think the other guys that had the other wave got lucky with the wind. I think playing in this wind on Thursday helped us today. Knew exactly what -- it was pretty tricky really.
So I was very pleased with 4-under, yeah.

Q. Piercy got 13-under, but all of you other guys were right there at 10 and 11. Just comment on tomorrow.
STEVE ELKINGTON: Yeah, that was a great round. We were in the locker room earlier and we saw the eight birdies in a row. We were all sitting by the computer to see if he could get that ninth one. I think that's the record, isn't it?

Q. Yes.
STEVE ELKINGTON: That's just a great round. He's probably been waiting to do something like that for a while. But as you say, there are lot of guys around the mark, which we thought there would be a lot of guys that were going to catch up this afternoon.
So I think the Reno-Tahoe Open should see a good afternoon.

Q. Talk a little bit about your experience going into the last round tomorrow. Will you draw 'em out a little bit?
STEVE ELKINGTON: I've got 26 years of it. (Laughing.) Is that enough? You know, I've had an up-and-down year, to say the least. But I really enjoy coming out here to in this tournament. Me and my family, we go and stay in Lake Tahoe and you just have a ball. Golf is a bonus this week for sure.

Q. Nice to see you on the leaderboard. What's been working this week?
STEVE ELKINGTON: Well, you know, this wind this afternoon, we had this wind on Thursday. So I think for me, playing in the wind Thursday helped me today. I managed to get around the course pretty well today. I was delighted with 68.
Piercy was making it look easy with eight birdies in a row and all that, but it wasn't like that this afternoon.

Q. And he's going to play a totally different golf course tomorrow afternoon to the one he played on Saturday morning. Do you like that, having been through it today?
STEVE ELKINGTON: Well, yeah, I mean, there's a lot guys tomorrow. Scott has probably been waiting for that round for ages. He's got a lot of talent, and glad to see him get going.
But there is also a big storyline with a bunch of guys behind him, and I think it's going to be great for the event.

Q. You've been on the PGA TOUR for a long time, and your lineage in golf goes back even further than that. (Indiscernible.) How do you explain that and can you give us some stories?
STEVE ELKINGTON: Well, him and Phillip park, I guess they're collateral damage of what the TOUR can do to you. For that matter, I suppose yours is collateral damage as well.
But, no Billy Ray and I had a great career. He's a (indiscernible) guy, and he's getting pretty good with this one as well. He used to never make sense before. Now he's kind of putting sentences together.

Q. Good luck tomorrow. Should be a lot fun to watch.
STEVE ELKINGTON: Thank you very much.

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