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August 6, 2011

Chris Riley


Q. Looks like there are a couple different ways to win this. You're going the kind of slow and steady route, but you're very much in it at 10-under.
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I mean, you know, that 61 this morning was pretty impressive with any weather. But when it gets to be about 11:30, noon, it's a totally different golf course.
So I played really solid today and made a lot of 5-footers that I needed to make?

Q. I take it the biggest adjustment is because of the wind.
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, and the greens dry out and the ball doesn't stop. I mean, some of the holes out there are like U.S. Opens. You've just got to hit it 15 feet right of the hole and hope you have a 30-footer.
But in the morning when the greens are firm and there's no wind you can go right at 'em

Q. You've won this before, so you've got to like your position.
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, no, I just wanted a chance for tomorrow. I've been working Garros hard. Haven't played well this year. Played good in spots.
Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

Q. What kind of love have you gotten from the UNR tent?
CHRIS RILEY: (Laughing.) They don't really love UNLV too much but, but I love playing in Nevada.

Q. Any birdies that stand out today?
CHRIS RILEY: I chipped in on the par-3, No. 3.

Q. All right. Thanks. Appreciate it.

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