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August 6, 2011

Josh Teater


Q. The wind seems to have picked up this afternoon.
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, it was definitely a lot windier than yesterday afternoon. You know, just trying to count for it and, you know, just pull shots.
So, you know, not really trying to work it with the wind. If you're into the wind, head the wind in, and just hit it like there's no wind there. That's the best way I can explain how I tried to do it.

Q. That's what your caddie's for, right?
JOSH TEATER: A lot of calculations out there for sure this week.

Q. Today seemed to be the day for a lot of players to make a run from the middle of the pack, and you're one of 'em. That's put you in good stuff for tomorrow, but it's quite possible someone else could do that then.
JOSH TEATER: Oh, for sure. I mean, everybody out here can shoot 6-, 7-, 8-under at any point. Obviously I think Scott birdied eight of the first nine holes. That's a pretty good start. I didn't quite do that. I tried to get 'em at the end, I guess.
But, you know, it's going to be a shootout, and we're all going to try to birdie every hole.

Q. What do you think was working best for you today?
JOSH TEATER: Um, I had a lot real good saves early in the round. Even on No. 2, the par-5, I left it in the -- short putt in the bunker and got that up-and-down pretty easily. A few others like that that kept my round going.
Just didn't want to make too many mistakes. The one on 13, the short hole. They moved the tee up and hit it in the hazard. Got a break and could have made a par, but left my third shot short.

Q. So you're 10-under, and that's pretty darn good.
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Talk a little bit about your season. I think you're 124 in the FedExCup points. There is a lot riding on these last few weeks.
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, for sure. If I didn't know that, I've sure had a few people tell me that. But, you know, I've played a lot. I think it's been 26 events, so takes me a few more events than most people I guess. But where else better to play golf than out here the TOUR.
But, you know, I've been pretty close to playing well the last few months. You know, Thursday wasn't great, but I held it together. The last two days have been good, so...

Q. Not sure how it'll finish up the last few groups, but if you are in the final pairing, talk a little bit about your thought process on that.
JOSH TEATER: It's good. It means you're close to the lead. Had an opportunity to do it on Saturday in New Orleans this year, so hopefully I can draw on that if I do good. Even if I don't, you know, I'm still going to draw from it and just go out there and try to take care of business just like I did today.

Q. You birdied the last two. Take me through those two holes.
JOSH TEATER: 17 isn't really a hole where you're trying to get it close to that back pin. We're really just trying to fly it 10 to 12 yards on and, you know, take what it gives us.
It flew a little further than I expected and got back there about 12 feet. Pretty straight putt and rolled it right in.
And then downwind here on 18 I hit 3-wood off the tee to give myself a little bit more room. Knew I could still get down to the green, and a real good 4-iron that, you know, hit a little left and kicked down there just short of the green. I think I left it right in the heart about a foot short for eagle.
So that was a pretty easy birdie.

Q. With them switching the nines, 18 could be a pretty exciting finish tomorrow, couldn't it?
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, it could. The last three, 16, 17, 18, you got to hit some good shots. You know, whoever's got the chance to win, you know, it'll be on 'em. Just see what we can do.

Q. All right. Play well. Appreciate it.
JOSH TEATER: Thank you.

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