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August 5, 2011

Vaughn Taylor


THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Vaughn Taylor into the interview room at 6-under par 66. Welcome back to a room that you know well here. Can we get your comments on a great round golf?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Thanks. I played really well today. I holed a bunker shot on the 2st hole and made a long birdie putt at the 2nd. Made a lot of pars there in a row and was hitting a lot of good shots, just couldn't get a putt to go down.
But finally did on No. 11, I guess it was. Kind of got me going again.
All in all, played really solid today.
THE MODERATOR: Take us through the eagle on No. 13.
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, hit a perfect drive down there and kind of had trouble picking a club. The wind was kind of changing around. Finally went with a 5-iron and hit a really, really good shot. You know, I think it just landed perfectly in the fringe. I'm guessing it landed in the fringe.
But it ended up about three, four feet from the how, and those are always nice to have for eagle.
THE MODERATOR: Talk a little bit about your year. I know you're a little frustrated on the year, but just talk about it as a whole for us.
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, it's been a struggle this year. Haven't been playing that bad, just trouble scoring. My wedge game and putting hasn't quite been what it usually is. Struggling on Sunday. Just a combination of things.
It's been really frustrating, so, you know, glad to be back here this week and feeling some good vibes from the past. Just trying to relax and have fun and play.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Questions.

Q. You look at the leaderboard, the top 10 spots, and I think there's five former winners. What does that say? Is it just recognizable course? Knowing what to do? Knowing how to play things?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, I think it's a combination of things. Obviously the courses has to fit your eye, and then the altitude is definitely an adjustment.
You know, I think anywhere you play well when you come back, especially if you win, you come back and a lot of good memories and feelings, and, you know, it can turn things around for you.

Q. Just add to that a little bit. What you said I think obviously is very accurate, but to have five former champions in the top 14 or so, this is the only real altitude course you guys play all year. Is that a big factor?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: I wouldn't say it's a big factor, but it's definitely a factor. But this golf course and the views we see, just the town, the whole scenario just feels good to me. I'm sure it does to those past champions as well.

Q. Looking at your year, you made a bunch of cuts early in the year but no really big checks, and then kind of lost making those cuts. What was different from the first to the second half, do you think?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: I putted pretty good at the beginning of the year, and that kind of kept me in it. Then started struggling with the putter in the middle of the year, and wasn't hitting it that great either. So those two things together.
Couple that with confidence and momentum, you know, it can be tough sometimes.

Q. Then looking back, you made the cut here the last two years but didn't make any great runs. What do you attribute the last two years to, I guess?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: I was really struggling with the altitude. I think the ball was my biggest problem. I really didn't realize it until I got here this week. I switched to the 2011 Pro V and was playing the '07, which has less spin on it.
Obviously in '04, '05 I was playing a different ball as well. So, you know, hit a lot of good shots the last couple years, and the ball was just falling out of the air. That was basically just due to the spin on the ball. It was a lower-spin ball so it just wasn't staying in the air for me.
That was pretty much it. I haven't been hitting my clubs the right yardages the last couple months. I've been coming up short a lot. I think it's because the new ball spins more and just wasn't going as far.
So I came here this week, did some ball testing. I had a feeling that the ball I was playing was going to work though, because it's a spinnier ball. You need it to stay in the air in the altitude.
So stuck with the ball I was playing, and I think it's great this week.

Q. So you're playing the 2007 Pro V1?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: I'm playing the '11. I was playing the '07 and switched earlier this year. You know, I hadn't played the greatest with the '11 because it was spinning more than the '07, but it works well at altitude.
I know that's probably confusing, but in short, the 2011 ball spins more than the '07 for me. And plus, in the altitude it works better than the '07 ball.

Q. So will you go back to the '07?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: I think so. I think when I go back home or play whenever I play next, I think I'll go back to the '07 or try the '09. It's a good ball. Just for me it spins a little too much.

Q. Last win here was 2005, six years ago. What's new in your life in the last six years?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Got engaged this year, last August. Other than that, you know, it's just been a lot of golf but no wins. It's been a long stretch. It'll be nice to play well this weekend and get a W.

Q. It's sort of unusual for someone you have their only two TOUR victories at the same place. Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Do people kid about that? Is it a proud thing? How do you kind of deal with that?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: I think I catch both sides of it. A lot of compliments for winning in the same place; at the same time, I get criticized for not winning a bigger tournament. So positives and negatives.
But I'm fine. You know, a win is a win. I just love playing golf every week. One of these days I'll hopefully get some bigger wins.

Q. And you would take a third win here?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Most definitely.

Q. So you talk about elevation here. You've got the wind, elevation, gain/drop, you've got the temperature outside, and you've got the ball now too. Do you do all of that or does the caddie do all that?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: The caddie does all the math, and we decide on clubs together. It's too difficult to do on your own, so you need a really good guy on the bag. Basil, he's been around a long time. He caddied for David Foster many years and Mark McNulty, so he's got a lot of experience.
He caddied for Graham DeLeat here last year, and I think Graham shot 62 on Saturday. So you definitely knows what he's doing.

Q. Forgive me if you've been asked this, but looks like the myth of not being able to shoot low in the afternoon has been destroyed. How did you accomplish that?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: The wind wasn't as strong today as it was yesterday afternoon. That was probably the biggest key. But, you know, I don't know. I hit a lot of good shots out there and drove the ball better today.
You know, had a good break here and there. So just a combination of a few things.

Q. And of course you look at the top of the leaderboard and it's not just you, but four other former champions at the top of it. What's that say as far as familiarity of the course?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, it's good to come back to a place you've played well at. I'm sure those guys would say the same thing. A lot of good memories, a lot of good vibes, and you almost feel like you kind of pick up where you left off.
THE MODERATOR: Vaughn, we appreciate your time. Play well this weekend.

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