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August 5, 2011

Steve Flesch


Q. Good solid playing, 68, 69 today. How did it feel out there?
STEVE FLESCH: Feeling great. I've always played well here. Very close one. A lot second of the shots in, a lot of tee shots are, you know, pinch-and-grabbers, especially coming in on 17 and 18.
But always comfortable here, and for some reason my irons always seemed to get dialed in here.

Q. They switched the nines here this year. Do you like that change?
STEVE FLESCH: I don't, because I played here six or seven times and I'm so used to it the old way. I still call the 18th, I still call it 9 and so on. It took me two days just to get used to which tee I was going to.
But it's definitely a more exciting finish when it's crunch time. You know, even today I was playing good coming in, you know, 17 and 18 are a lot tougher tee shots when they're the last two holes of the day.
So it's going to be a tougher finish than in the years past. I think it's going to be a lot more exciting.

Q. Did you get the juices flowing out there today?
STEVE FLESCH: I did. I've been playing so poorly for three years now, John. It was fun to actually see my name up there. I didn't finish very well. I made a decent swing on the last hole and ended up making a bogey.
But it's fun to just get back in contention. I haven't been in contention really in a couple years, maybe even since '07 when I won Turning Stone and won here earlier in the summer.
So it's been a cruddy three years, and it was nice to see my name up there.

Q. You have a lot of positives to draw on from your career, so good stuff. Keep it going this weekend.
STEVE FLESCH: Thank you, John, I appreciate it.

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