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August 4, 2011

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Are you satisfied?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Around here it's certainly satisfying, that's for sure. Any time you miss a fairway, you're in big trouble. I drove the ball really well today and hit a couple of lovely iron shots, and every time I was in trouble my short game saved me. I also had four really good up-and-downs today, and that's the difference between shooting level par and shooting 4-under.

Q. Give us a feel for how the course is playing.
THOMAS BJÖRN: The greens are soft. They had a lot of rain over the first part of the week, and the greens are soft, so the scoring is obviously there. And the weather conditions this morning were just perfect, overcast and just pleasant out there. So it was there for the taking this morning. But this golf course is still -- for some reason the scoring is always pretty good around here. And it seems so tough when you play the practice rounds, but when you get out there, it's just perfect fairways, perfect greens, it just inspires everybody, I think, to play golf.

Q. How much is this performance built on the confidence you gained at the Open?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I'm a bit surprised. I spent two weeks on a boat coming home from the Open and haven't really done a lot. I've done a little bit but not a lot. I needed a little bit of a break after four tough weeks for me. So I'm a little bit surprised. It wasn't pretty in practice, but today I just got into a good zone, got off to a decent start, then confidence is building. But there's a long way to go in the golf tournament.

Q. Talk about playing well in the Open Championship and bringing your game across the Atlantic with you.
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, I played nicely today, and that was a good thing. I drove the ball really well, which is the most important thing around this golf course. I think I missed a couple of fairways, and that was all. That's what you need to do around here and roll in a few putts. But these greens will inspire anybody to putt well.

Q. Good ball-striking round with 14 greens in regulation.
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, it was. There was never really any big mistakes. There was a couple of iffy shots here and there, but not really any big mistakes. It's possible to shoot a number out there with as soft as the greens are. I'm sure they'll get firmer over the week.

Q. Looking back a month removed or so from the Open Championship, was that a disappointment for you or a boost of confidence?
THOMAS BJÖRN: No, it was confidence for me. I played poorly coming into the Open, and getting in there and having a chance on Sunday, you've just got to hold your hands up; sometimes somebody plays better on that Sunday, and I played well, and that was all I could do. I went out there and went after my shots and thought I played well, but Darren just played really well.

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