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August 3, 2011

David Toms


DAVID TOMS: I needed that club and I didn't have one, so I took my time, had a conversation with my caddie, and we're like, what's the best way to make 4, because that's what I had to do. We said, well, we need to lay up, and not only do we need to lay up, we need to lay up to a good yardage. We don't want a half wedge in there and we don't want too long of a shot, and I hit a perfect lay-up with a pitching wedge and I hit a full 60-degree sand wedge in, so it couldn't have been any better as far as the way I laid it up in a good spot.
I didn't hit a very good 60-degree wedge to be honest. With a soft green, from the middle of the fairway, it wasn't like it was a great shot or anything.
What I remember most about that was, and what was in the back of my mind, is it was the first full shot that I had hit with that golf club. It was a brand new wedge I had put in that week, and I'd hit it on the range but not in competition. I'd hit a lot of 50-, 60-yard shots with it, chips around the green, bunker shots, but I hadn't hit a full 84-yard shot with it. I was kind of like, just hoping this comes off good. That's probably why I didn't hit a great shot, because I had in the back of my mind, I'm hoping this is going to be pin high for me. I wasn't quite sure. But the putt was perfect. It was downhill, left to right, which is not the easiest putt in the world, but just the kind you had to get started. You don't have to hit it very hard, you just have to get it started on line, and I did that.

Q. Do you remember the yardage for the third shot?
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, I want to say I was in the 208 range, something like that.

Q. And you laid up to --
DAVID TOMS: I laid up to about 84 yards, so I got to hit a 120-yard shot or something like that with a wedge.
But you know, they've changed that hole. There's a bunker in the lay-up zone now and the water comes in on the left on the tee shot more. I remember that tee shot you really couldn't see the water, you knew it was there.

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