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July 31, 2011

Richard Green


Q. Obviously pretty agonising way to lose a tournament.
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, obviously disappointed with the putt at the last. I didn't expect the 8-iron at the last to come up so short. And obviously, you know, I actually thought I had a shot lead coming in the last hole and I think seeing Simon at 15 added that bit of pressure over the first putt, and it was a pressure putt. Hit it a bit too hard.

Q. Four birdies and just the one bogey on your front nine, seemed that you were getting such momentum; what happened on the back nine?
RICHARD GREEN: Just, you know, fine on the back nine, but still kept myself in the tournament. Still obviously put myself into a position to win the tournament. It was a bit of a shame, a couple of putts that could have turned everything around didn't go in.

Q. On the 18th, you looked a little nervous with the water, but you got the nice bounce and just seemed set up to make 4?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, it was a great angle to go even close to the hole. But for whatever reason, I just felt that 8-iron enough, and it wasn't.

Q. Overall, have you enjoyed the week here?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, absolutely. It's a great week. A fantastic place, I love the course and I'll be back next year to have another go.

Q. Being in contention, you must feel the win is due?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, looking at it, my game is all there. Obviously just need a little bit of a break for it to kick into gear and get it across the line. That's what it feels like, with playing at this level, you've just got to make everything happen right. Unfortunately that one at the last just knocked me out of it unfortunately.

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