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July 31, 2011

Bob Estes


Q. How are you feeling right now?
BOB ESTES: Pretty tired right now. Yeah, I've been feeling a little bit worse every day. I don't know if there's something in the air, but I was definitely pacing myself.
Been a little congested and had a little trouble breathing, but kind of slowing things down and walking a little bit might have helped and kept me a little bit more calm.
But, yeah, feeling great with the finish.

Q. Pretty cool on that birdie at 18. Talk about that.
BOB ESTES: Yeah, I made some good birdie putts and par putts all day long. I just said, One more time, you know, on the last one. Just barely got there, but it got there.

Q. So now you're going to get a little rest, get something to eat, maybe get ready for a playoff?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, I need to go try to get a little something to eat, because if there is a playoff it'll be about an hour from now.
So I need to try to get a little something to eat and rest a little bit and conserve some energy before going to hit a few balls.

Q. Just comment on the final round.
BOB ESTES: I made a lot of good par saves; made some good birdies, too, obviously to shoot 6-under. But a lot of the par saves that I made are what really kept the round together.

Q. Were you keeping up with what was going on out there? The leaderboard was changing quite a bit out there.
BOB ESTES: Not the last three holes. You know, once I got to around No. 16 I knew I kind of needed to know where I stood. Right after the tee shot on 16, because that wasn't going to affect how I hit that tee shot. I just pulled it a little bit left. Nobody wants to hang it out to the right and get wet and have to re-tee it.
No, I didn't really know how I stood, and it didn't really matter until I got to my tee shot on 16, you know, about to hit my approach shot.

Q. Big birdie on 18. Now you're just sitting back and waiting in case there is a playoff?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, just have to wait now. They said that Billy Hass made bogey, so now I'm alone at 10-under. Now we have to wait and see what happens.
17 is reachable in two; 18 is obviously very birdieable with an 8- or 9-iron if you just get it over the mound.
So not necessarily going to finish on top, but I did the best I could.

Q. Comment on the anxiety of waiting.
BOB ESTES: I don't know, I'm not too worried about that. No, I'm fine. I mean, if I'm in a playoff, I'm fine with that. I did the best I could.
I like being in the lead. It's no fun being 30th or 40th and missing cuts and stuff like that. I haven't played that many tournaments this year. Coming off a wrist injury, you know, in the last year where I didn't play much at all the beginning of the this year.
No, I'm very happy with my finish.

Q. You said you weren't feeling good. Any idea what's going on?
BOB ESTES: No, I'm not sure. Maybe I turned the air conditioning down too low a few nights or if there's anything in the air.
My parents were here for a few days before they had to take off, and I think my mom was struggling a little bit too. I don't know if there is something in the air that's getting a few people or not.
I know we're at elevation, so makes it just a little bit different. Yeah, I'm not feeling my best, but I still managed to shoot the score.

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