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July 31, 2011

Brittany Lang


Q. Can you talk about your charge today?
BRITTANY LANG: My charge? Yeah, I played great today. I'm very happy with how I played. I made some really big par putts early on. Those first few holes played tough, and I made some really good par putts. And then from then on I just played fairly flawless golf. I played great, stayed in each shot, and I was pretty happy with how I handled it mentally.

Q. Were you leaderboard watching?
BRITTANY LANG: A little bit, yeah. I just wanted to know -- I knew I was so far out of it that I had to shoot a pretty low round, so I just kept keeping an eye on it. When I missed that eagle on I think it's hole 14, I was bummed out because I knew that could have really gotten me to the top. But I was keeping an eye on it.

Q. Was it windy out there?
BRITTANY LANG: You know, it was really windy at the start and then it died down, it really did. It got a little colder and it died down. The back nine did not play overly tough I don't think.

Q. How did you think the course setup in general was for the week?
BRITTANY LANG: I thought it was good. I think we just got lucky that there wasn't a lot of wind because the course played really easy without that wind.

Q. So Yani on her way to a fifth major at 22. Can you kind of put into words how good that is knowing how difficult it is to win?
BRITTANY LANG: It's unbelievable. I couldn't even imagine 22 years old, fifth major, and how many events has she won other than majors. She's so mentally strong and she's so aggressive and confident. She's just got it all. It's pretty cool, cool to watch.

Q. Is her name atop the leaderboard intimidating? What does it mean when you see her name on top of the leaderboard?
BRITTANY LANG: Well, it usually means that not much is going to go wrong, that you're going to need to make some birdies to catch her because she's pretty steady. She's going to make pars and birdies and eagles. She's not normally going to falter. That's what I think when I see it.

Q. Can you quickly go through your birdies?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I made a long putt on hole 7 for birdie off the green, a long one. And then I -- you want bogeys, too?

Q. Yeah.
BRITTANY LANG: I had one bogey today on hole 8, I hit it over the green and three-putted from way long.
And then I birdied -- hit like a little 50-yard shot on 9, and I made like a ten-footer for birdie on 9.
And then I drove the green pretty much on 11 and two-putted from the front of the green for birdie there.
And then the next one I hit a 5-iron to like four feet and birdied on 12.
And then I birdied the par-5. I hit driver, 3-iron and two-putted for a birdie.

Q. Was that 14?
BRITTANY LANG: Yes. And then I birdied 17. I hit driver, 4-iron and made like a 12-footer for birdie there.

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