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July 30, 2011

Simon Dyson


Q. How do you assess your performance?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, it was good. I got off to a flyer again. Fortunate enough to chip-in on 8, which got me to 4-under through 8, and then the nasty weather came in, just knocked me a little bit. The 9th was playing really tough: I hit driver, 5-wood to it today. I hit 9-iron in there yesterday.
10 was playing tough, as well. All of a sudden, I just wasn't getting the yardages. I was coming up short, whereas before, I had been getting my yardages pretty good. Just changed and then all of the sudden, towards the end, managed to roll a putt in. Yeah, played really good again. Drove the ball good again.

Q. When the rain comes down for you, I know because you always wear the sunglasses, does that cause you extra problems or is it difficult to manage?
SIMON DYSON: No, for me it's more just keeping my hands dry and keeping the ball and clubface dry, as well. If ever I start in sunglasses, I always finish in them. I never take them off. It's too big a difference.
But yeah, it was a good day again.

Q. And a lot of people have struggled today. The course looks like with a little bit of swirl wind that it's playing tougher than the last couple of days. Did you find that to be the case?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, it was playing tougher. It was a pretty strong wind around the turn for us. But, you know, as well as the holes that are playing tough, you've got a bit of leeway on the others, like 12 and 13, with 11, 12 and 13 playing a little easier because the wind was helping a little bit. It was a good test, yeah.

Q. I think there's three of you now 11-under par, and it's going to make for a pretty exciting finish. How do you deal with the last day, in the morning, particularly; do you have a routine that you go through?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I'm just going to stick to what I've been doing really. Just have a nice quiet night, get up in the morning, go for a little run and loosen up and have a bit of breakfast and then come up and hit a few. I've done that every day, so pretty much do that again.

Q. Hopefully the weather will stay okay. Wasn't too bad today. Tomorrow going to be pretty much similar?
SIMON DYSON: Is it? It's a shame, because the first two days was really pleasant to play in. But if the rain misses tomorrow, yeah, it will be a good day.

Q. You started the day three behind, made four birdies in the first eight holes into the lead, what are you thinking and feeling at that stage?
SIMON DYSON: The way I was feeling, I was playing really good. I was driving it good. My irons were good, and I just was trying to make some more birdies. But then the weather came in and we played the 9th, it was a horrible tee shot to have to hit, wind in off the left with all trouble down the left. Unfortunately I bogeyed that.
But then played pretty solid after that. But just the air got a little bit thicker, so my irons were not quite reaching the yardage that I was trying for. I was coming up short on most of them, even though I was striking them good, just the air was a bit thicker. Managed to get it on target towards the end, good birdie on 17 and last hole was playing a brute today, so I was pleased to walk off with four there.

Q. Tell us about the putt at 17. It was a goody, wasn't it?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, it was travelling. Yeah, it was a nice bonus to make one, because I had hit a good putt at 16, didn't make that; a good putt at 15, didn't make that, and a good putt at 14. So I was hitting the good putts and it was just nice to see one drop. Like I say, I finished with a putt at the last.

Q. You're playing really well; how excited about your chance to win this thing tomorrow?
SIMON DYSON: Really excited, yeah. I was saying to my caddie, I don't think the golf club felt as good in my hand all year. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Very close to the top of the leaderboard but I'm sure you're delighted to be right up there?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, definitely. Haven't been up there for a while, but in the lead, especially. So yeah, I'm really excited to play tomorrow. I'm playing good. So if I can keep the form tomorrow, then it will be good.

Q. The weather is pretty much different today than it's been the previous two days and it struck -- the worst of it was while you were out there.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, it was horrible on 9 when we played. I got off to a flying start, 4-under through 8, and then stood on that 9th tee, and it was horrible. It was coming in sideways, the rain. Didn't hit a very good driver. I hit an all right driver. Wind just got it a bit more than I thought and played a really good second. Got it green-high. But didn't hit a very good chip and missed my putt, so that was the only bogey of the day. Which on a day like today, I'm quite pleased with, just making one bogey.

Q. Nice prospect to be potentially going out in the last group there tomorrow?
SIMON DYSON: No, second to last, I'll be, Greenie holed that putt there on the last, didn't he, so he'll be playing with Howell and I'll be playing with somebody behind -- well, in front. But yeah, really excited. Looking forward to it and hopefully put a bit of pressure on the other two.

Q. What would it mean to you if you could lift the trophy tomorrow?
SIMON DYSON: Oh, it would be amazing. It would be amazing. It's such a great event, and I didn't play very good last year, which kind of spurred me onto come back and maybe do a little bit better this year. My record in Ireland has not been fantastic, I've got to be honest, but hopefully we'll put that to right tomorrow.

Q. How did you find the Irish crowds?
SIMON DYSON: They are great. They always are, especially with the Brits. They love the golf and they are a great golf crowd. I always think that British golf fans are the best golf fans to play in front of, like The Open crowd, and they are proving me right.

Q. You said that you had not been up there for a little while but essentially you've had some very tidy finishes, and we've had this conversation before, when you get involved and you get on a nice run, that's when you're really at your best?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I haven't been leading for a while. Like you said, I've been up there. Wentworth I was up there, and I played as good of golf as anyone coming in on the last four or five holes.
So if I can be in with a shout, four or five holes to go tomorrow, you never know. We'll see.

Q. That's great stuff when you're a big-time player, I guess, because you know once you've got your nose in front in a tournament, you've got the game for it?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, absolutely. You know, if you are worried when you did get in the front, you are in the wrong game, aren't you. This is what you play it for. You play it to putt yourself under the pressure of trying to win the tournament, and it's really enjoyable.

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