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July 30, 2011

Peter Lawrie


Q. When did the rain start?
PETER LAWRIE: The 12th hole, and unfortunately we probably got the worst. I made double on 13 but it was terrible -- the pouring rain, but them's the breaks.

Q. And you're standing over that putt on the 18th, to miss from there today --
PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, I hit a bad third shot. I was sort of in between yardage, and lucky enough to hole that putt.

Q. What in particular today in terms of the setup, was it much different than the last few days, more difficult was the course playing today?
PETER LAWRIE: Just difficult, crosswind all the times and all the cross breeze. Tough to get close to the flags and it was tough to hole putts.

Q. Massive crowds and tomorrow expecting the same, even more, probably happy about that?
PETER LAWRIE: Delighted, as long as that rain keeps away.

Q. A frustrating end to a decent round?
PETER LAWRIE: I played nicely, double on 13 really sort of kicked me in the you-know-where, and bogeying the last didn't really help either, but all in all I played lovely golf today.

Q. You're only four behind, so still right in contention.
PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, you know, it's always nice to sort of go out there tomorrow and shoot a score and put the pressure on somebody else, so just looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. The fact that it is your home tournament, does that mean you're going to be more aggressive tomorrow and you'll want it that little bit more?
PETER LAWRIE: The Irish Open is like next to a major for all of the Irish players. So, yeah, of course, I certainly would be going all guns blazing tomorrow.

Q. How much more difficult was it with the wind up?
PETER LAWRIE: It was quite difficult, especially the start. Every hole seems to play a cross-breeze, and there's a lot of tough pins out there. There's a lot of pitfalls.
Lucky enough, you know, I sort of kept myself out of the bad stuff until the rain came with that double on 13, but you know, all in all, it was a tough golf course today.

Q. We thought today with David, that there are low scores out there.
PETER LAWRIE: There certainly are. Keep the ball in the fairway, get it on the green and hole some putts; and David, he's a wonderful putter, and he's a very good golfer.
So yeah, fair play to him to be 11-under.

Q. How inspired have you been over the past couple of months by what Rory and Darren have done?
PETER LAWRIE: It's inspirational with Rory, Darren, Graeme and Pádraig; so it really does push you on.

Q. Feel unlucky to have got a couple of the tough holes in the worst of the weather?
PETER LAWRIE: You have the wrong holes at the wrong time. The holes you don't want are 12 and 13. They are the longest holes on the golf course. But yeah I made a stupid decision on 13. I'll take my hat off and blame myself. Went for the green out of the thick rough, and I shouldn't have bothered, but yeah, you learn from your mistakes.

Q. Were threatening a really high finish with three really good rounds and not doing it for 72 holes; do you feel it's there or thereabouts?
PETER LAWRIE: I hope so. I will go out there tomorrow and try my best and that's all I can do.

Q. Despite the rain, the crowds really got behind all of the Irish crowds, and they will be there for you tomorrow?
PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, they are wonderful, they know all the shouts and roars and the claps, it pushes you on.

Q. How are the greens to read and how is the putter?
PETER LAWRIE: Putter is good and greens are okay to read at the moment. Not struggling too much on them. I played here last year and know the course a little bit, so happy enough.

Q. With all of the success of the Irish players lately, does that bring its own added pressure?
PETER LAWRIE: Not really. Not for me anyway. Probably for themselves to push on from where they are but not really.

Q. Do you think it raises expectancy?
PETER LAWRIE: Probably so. Probably see we have a couple of Major winners in the field this week, so they expect an Irish winner I think this week.

Q. What figure would you be looking to shoot tomorrow? Any figure in your mind?
PETER LAWRIE: With David at 11, you really need to get to at least 12-, 13-under might have a chance. You'd certainly be very happy in the clubhouse at 14-under.

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