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July 30, 2011

Peter Senior


Q. Three more under par, and right now you're minus-9 and Olin's minus-14?
PETER SENIOR: Yeah, it's pretty good scoring today. I played really well on the back nine. I had a lot of chances that I could have made birdie and sort of ran it by the edge. All in all, I'm pretty happy with today's round.

Q. You had a bunch of pars in a row there from 2 on, which normally would be great at Inverness but today guys were making birdies.
PETER SENIOR: Yeah, yeah, I struggled around the front nine, and it wasn't until the 10th hole that I started to play pretty good. The only bad shot I hit on the last nine was a drive seventeen, which I got away with by getting up and down by 40 yards.
But I hit a lot of quality iron shots, and it all comes down to the putting when the course is playing as good as it is. I just didn't hole enough.

Q. Were you burning the edges?
PETER SENIOR: Yeah, I burned the edges quite a few times today. But Joey Sindelar, who I played with today, he played pretty good as well, and he did exactly the same thing. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll play as well as I did today and hopefully drain a few more putts.

Q. With the conditions, the green speeds probably aren't what you might have thought coming up if we had the conditions we wanted. But are you still finding the adjustment there because of the speed?
PETER SENIOR: Yeah, the uphill putts are still pretty slow. I had about a 5-footer on the last straight up the hill. Easiest putt you could get on the green, and I left it about a foot short. So it wasn't a great effort, but downhill it's still pretty quick, but uphill you've still got to give them a bit of a hit. But all in all, the course is playing fantastic.

Q. Were the conditions much different today than yesterday?
PETER SENIOR: No, we've been really lucky. We've had no wind, and that is why the scoring is as good as it is. If we had a little bit of wind to make a few of these holes play a little more difficult, there would be a bit of trouble.

Q. I saw it was supposed to be like 97 tomorrow, hotter than today.
PETER SENIOR: Oh, that's all right. This is nothing from where I come from. I'll wear my black outfit tomorrow and be happy.

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