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July 30, 2011

Chris Couch


Q. Comments on a good day.
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah, you know, playing solid all week, and finished it well with birdies on 17 and 18 today. Stayed patient all day, and ended up working out.

Q. Not much going on early for you until those last two. Was just patience the key?
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah, you know, the course is a lot different than last year, and so it was easy to make birdies. Got to be a little more patient this year. 67 last year wasn't that great; this year it's pretty good.
So hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow.

Q. Other than not making it to the weekend at the AT&T National, you've been consistent all year. Talk a little about your season and not getting quite over the hump on Sundays.
CHRIS COUCH: I've worked really hard with my coach this year on some different swing thoughts. You know, it paid off. That consistency is (indiscernible) this year.
I'm trying to play a little better on the weekends. Right now I've been making a lot cuts and lately I've been finishing 45th to 60, you know.
So just been blessed all year to be healthy. I went two years there where I couldn't play because of injury, you know, and I just thank God every day I hit the golf course.

Q. Take me through the last two holes, the birdies.
CHRIS COUCH: Thought I hit a really good drive on 17 down the right side, and ended up kicking into the rough. Took a 7-wood from a 260, caught a little fly (indiscernible) and got up there about 15 feet from the hole. Got a little bit unlucky that it didn't feed back down into the hole, but I'll take the birdie out of that lie.
Then 18 I hit just a (indiscernible) sand wedge and knocked it about 12 feet there and birdied in.

Q. All right. Three back of Anthony, but not many guys in between you. Your thoughts on tomorrow?
CHRIS COUCH: My goal all week was to get into the PGA. You know, I figured I would need at least a top 10, probably a top 5.
So, you know, it's still my goal. If I get a top 5, that would be fantastic.

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