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July 29, 2011

Mark O'Meara


Q. Looking forward to the weekend?
MARK O'MEARA: Absolutely. I'm pleased with today. I hit a couple of poor ones out there, but overall I felt like I stayed in the game pretty well. You know, good birdie -- my back side, the birdie on 16 and certainly the good shot at 18 making birdie, making the turn at 1-under, and then a couple quick birdies on 1 and 2, and 3 I had a very makeable putt and 4 I had a makeable putt and missed those. But overall besides just a couple of shots that I didn't really like, I was pleased with the round.

Q. How did the course play?
MARK O'MEARA: It was a little softer. The fairways, the ball wasn't rolling as much, got a little bit of mud on the ball out there a couple times today, so that made it a little tricky with the iron shots. But there wasn't much wind. Obviously it was hot and humid but there wasn't a lot of wind out there today. You could be pretty aggressive shooting at the pins.

Q. How psyched are you that you got your round done?
MARK O'MEARA: I'm very psyched. I knew when I saw the delay and it looked like we were at 4:05 as long as we didn't have any more delays we'd get done. So I'm thankful for that. 8-under after two rounds around this golf course is good. I've got my work cut out for me because there's a lot of good players on that leaderboard, and we'll see how it goes over the weekend.

Q. What's the plan now, go and get some rest?
MARK O'MEARA: If I can get done talking to you guys, yeah. Nice shower, try and get something to eat and just get to my AC nice cool room would be very nice.

Q. You said you found something Tuesday working in Houston?
MARK O'MEARA: Right, working with Bruce. Meredith and I went home Monday from London, and Tuesday morning I was out at River Oaks practicing with Bruce and just trying to make sure I turn my chest through because when I stop turning through the ball is when I kind of get a little iffy and both kind of fields come into play a little bit. So I've got to be committed to go ahead and make sure I'm aggressive through the ball. Today when I did it right, I hit a lot of quality shots, but there was a couple times I hit a couple wayward ones. I hit a pretty bad pull off I think it was the 5th tee or 6th tee, one of them was a pretty bad drive, I can't remember.
When you hit a bad tee shot like that, you just got to play for no worse than bogey, and if you make a par it's a benefit.

Q. What did you feel was your best shot today?
MARK O'MEARA: You know, that's a good question. I hit a couple of really nice short irons. I think the wedge into 18 was a beautiful shot. Certainly the birdie on 16, which is a very tough demanding hole, I hit a good drive there and a 5-iron to about 14 feet and made that putt. That kind of got me from 1-over back to even, and that got my round going, so I'd probably say that shot on 16 was the best.

Q. Second shot?
MARK O'MEARA: Second shot, correct.

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