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July 29, 2011

Robert Gibbons


Q. You shot 67 today.

Q. Can you take me through the round?
ROB GIBBONS: Let's see. I started on 1, played solid. Finally made some putts. Parred the first few holes, and the par-5, No. 4, hit on in two and actually had about an eight-foot eagle putt and left it short.
Next hole I made about a five-footer for birdie. Just was hitting it pretty good. And then hit it really close on 9 about six, seven feet, made that for birdie.
Hit it right behind the hole on 10, about 20 feet. The guy who putted right in front of me was real slow, best putt I made today, and knocked it in for birdie there. Parred 11, got through 12, hit it pretty close there, missed it.
Made two great up-and-downs on 13 and 14, and played around pretty solid and made one bogey on 16, drove it in the left rough and came up short, chipped short, and hit it about two feet on the last hole for birdie.

Q. How did you improve so much in 24 hours, not even 24 hours, between first round to second round? Was there something that you changed, or was it just nerves calmed or something like that?
ROB GIBBONS: More comfortable today, more relaxed, because I felt like I had kind of blown it, and relaxed today and finally made some putts. I didn't make a birdie yesterday, so I finally made a couple putts today and got things going.

Q. What does it mean to you to shoot such a low round? I think at this point it's one of the low rounds of the day.
ROB GIBBONS: Well, I'm elated. I kind of knew it was in there, but to shoot it on this course in this situation is special.

Q. Tell me about your overall impressions of the golf course itself.
ROB GIBBONS: I thought it was hard. Very surprised that scores are as low as they are. You've got to drive it well, you've got to position your irons well, lots of break on the greens. It's a challenge. I'm just surprised so many low scores.

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