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July 29, 2011

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: I hit some very good quality shots on the front nine. I had four of them that hit in the green and went over. The greens are just a little bit too hard for me for the shots I'm playing into them. And it helps to be a little bit longer. It helps to be like -- these guys that are on the leaderboard, there's some long dudes out there.

Q. Can you talk about the experience as a whole playing here this week?
TOM WATSON: I enjoyed playing with Phil and Stewart. It was disappointing for all three of us. But that's the game. And it will be next week. But this is a week that I'll come back with some good memories, some good shots, and, of course, staying here at the Greenbrier down -- again, it soothes the wounds a little bit here. You get spoiled pretty easily around here at the Greenbrier.

Q. You played this course many times before. The changes have been dramatic?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, they have, the distance is one thing. But the greens are very, very firm. They're new greens, and the ball hits and just skips. It doesn't grab. It's going to take a couple of years for them to mature, to get a little more thatching and the ball -- the ball will stop a little bit easier on them the older they get.

Q. Did you get the feel, regardless of the shots your group were making, the fans were still behind you 100 percent?
TOM WATSON: We had a great crowd out there. It's not a question that they were out there to see, especially Phil. Phil wasn't here last year. He's here this year. And he showed them some magical shots, as Phil always does.

Q. I know you wanted to play the weekend. You're a competitive guy. It didn't happen. All in all, can you talk about your experience here?
TOM WATSON: It's a tough golf course for me. The greens are very, very hard. I hit four really good quality shots in the front nine, all of them went over the green. So I'm chipping back rather than having a chance for birdie. So I'm -- that length really does make a difference on this golf course. You see the leaders right there. There's some pretty long hitters right up there. That's what it takes here at this golf course.

Q. It was almost like a Wonderful World of Golf, because the fans didn't care what you were shooting, they just wanted to watch you from beginning to end; did you get that feeling?
TOM WATSON: We didn't show them very much. It was -- the birdies are hard to come by at this old golf course. There's some real teeth in this golf course. And that's what Mr. Jessup wanted, and he got it.

Q. We're going to see you in the PGA TOUR at all next year?
TOM WATSON: I don't know. I know I'll be playing the Masters and the Open Championship, probably, and other championships. I don't know. Maybe come back, try my luck at this one again. It's getting longer, though.

Q. Talk about the day.
TOM WATSON: I actually played some pretty good golf. I didn't -- I hit some very quality shots.

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