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July 29, 2011

Trevor Dodds


TREVOR DODDS: It's always fun when you don't make too many bogies. I think I had one double bogey for the week so far, so that's it.

Q. Where has the tournament trail taken you since your good week at Valhalla?
TREVOR DODDS: Well, that's not quite accurate. I have some status on the Champions Tour, I'm just not getting into tournaments. So, yeah, I'm just chasing the Tour. That's all I'm going to do.

Q. Have you gotten into any since the Valhalla?
TREVOR DODDS: No, no. I guess I'm playing mostly majors now because I'm getting into all of those.

Q. Can you assess your play today?
TREVOR DODDS: I would say I feel like I've played better today than I did yesterday. In many ways I felt a lot more comfortable out there. Getting some tournament golf under the belt has been key, because obviously not playing as much as we want, you're always jittery the first round.
So yesterday I controlled myself really well considering I was pretty anxious. And today I was much more relaxed and hit the ball pretty good, but I putted much better. That's where I really saw the difference. I made a lot of good putts today.

Q. You stringed together a pretty nice stretch though in your round, right?
TREVOR DODDS: Yeah, I started out on the first hole and made about a 25-footer, and then I made about a 4-footer, and then I made another 25-footer, so then about a 12-footer. So it was a nice way to start the day and just kind of get going.

Q. Did you kind of ride that momentum the rest of your round?
TREVOR DODDS: Yeah, I had one hole where it was five or six. 6, I made double, but I didn't play that badly. I hit a shot in the bunker, and I flubbed the bunker shot just out onto the edge of the green and didn't get up-and-down, so before you know it, you make a double. But that's been my only blemish on the card this week, so that's not a bad thing.

Q. How much confidence do you have for the rest of the weekend?
TREVOR DODDS: Yeah, I feel good. Just got to keep chasing it. Keep working on my game, keep trying to do the same things I'm doing and just play hard this weekend. I think it should be great. Is the temperature supposed to drop a little bit? It should be fantastic.

Q. We're down to 92.
TREVOR DODDS: Well, that's good. It's summer after all.

Q. When did you decide to come out and chase this Tour when you didn't really have the kind of status that some of the guys have? Have you been playing that for a while?
TREVOR DODDS: Yeah, I'm a past champion on the PGA TOUR, so basically that's the natural step is to chase the Champions Tour. It's either that or try to play the Nationwide or something, and I want to play with the guys that are my age, so this is what I'll follow. Ultimately I want to try to get exempt under the Champions Tour.

Q. Have you played on any other secondary tour since Valhalla?
TREVOR DODDS: No. I'm not big about going to play mini tours or stuff like that. I mean, different guys have philosophies. I want to play on the main tours and that's where I want to be.

Q. Have you been doing Monday qualifiers?
TREVOR DODDS: Yeah, Monday qualifiers. I've played well in them. I've just been missing by a shot or two. You can shoot in the 60's every time and miss it.

Q. Is that hard to keep your chin up after a few of those, good play and you don't get in?
TREVOR DODDS: Yeah, but you've got to be resilient in this game anyway. For us to be playing as long as we have, you've got to be pretty tough minded and resilient. You're going to be knocked down, but you have to be prepared to stand up and chase it again.

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