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July 29, 2011

Peter Senior


Q. So you crawled out of the ambulance?
PETER SENIOR: Yeah, put a few Band-aids on overnight, and came out and played okay today, which was good.

Q. Did you get that run out of your mind?
PETER SENIOR: I was thinking a lot about it last night. You know, nobody likes to sort of start off like that and then throw it away at the end. But the back nine plays so much more difficult than the front nine, and if you can hold it together on the back nine, you should be able to make a couple birdies on the front side.
So I birdied 17 and 18 today to turn 1-under on the back side, which sort of set up the round, and I made a couple more after that, which was good.

Q. When you do that on the back nine with the front nine to go, does it just -- does it just lift you up a little bit?
PETER SENIOR: You know there are half a dozen birdie chances on the front, so there are still a few long par-4s on that front side. If you can negate those and navigate those and make the best on the par-5s, you should be able to pull in a good score.

Q. How much better do you feel right now as opposed to at this point yesterday?
PETER SENIOR: Oh, you saw me yesterday (laughing). Totally different. I'm back in the tournament now. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'm playing reasonably well, so, you know, you never know what can happen.

Q. These greens have obviously softened and are slower than anticipated. How fast can they get these greens here given the slopes and keep them from being goofy?
PETER SENIOR: I played here when Azinger won. They were probably as hard and fast as they could probably get them. You get on the wrong side of the hole, and you had 6 or 7 feet to clean up, so we're pretty fortunate that the greens are as soft as they are. Even when you miss it short side now, you can still get up-and-down reasonably easy if you hit a reasonable chip.

Q. If the weekend is sunny, will they get much quicker, do you think?
PETER SENIOR: I don't think so. The actual greens are a little quicker than they were yesterday, maybe because we played in the morning. Late afternoon they sort of got a little bit hairy. But I can't see them improving too much over the next two days in speed. But then again, I could be wrong (laughing).

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