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July 29, 2011

Richard Green


RICHARD GREEN: To be honest, I felt a little bit flat out there today. I didn't drive the ball very well again unfortunately and struggling a bit with that but fortunately with this golf course, you can still 3-wood it around.
So I'm still scoring okay and putting nicely. It's just hard to really get something going and I felt like there was opportunity to score well today and I was always sort of a little bit out of position and not really 100 per cent on the ball.
But anyway, it's still in the tournament, isn't it, 7-under, it's right there. So we'll see how we go tomorrow?

Q. And no particular reason to be flat, just one of those things.
RICHARD GREEN: Just one of those days, unfortunately I just wasn't driving it well, and I was just a bit down about that more than anything, so I'm hopeful, go out and do a bit more work on it now and see if I can get it do where I want it to be the rest of the week.

Q. And yet it seems, don't know if inspiring is the word, but a good three-ball to be in when you're all locking in good scores.
RICHARD GREEN: It was excellent to be out there today amongst that atmosphere, the crowds are unbelievable, for a Thursday and a Friday and to see every hole lined with people three, four deep, that's impressive.
The support for the Irish guys is amazing and it's fantastic. That's something that I wish that it would be like that at home, as well. It would be great if all of the Aussies come out and supported the Aussies the same way the Irish support the Irish. We'll see.

Q. The Aussies travel the world over; I take it there's one or two cheering for you, and they are a respectful crowd, as well.
RICHARD GREEN: They are. I heard a few voices out there which was good to here. We'll press on with a good effort on the weekend and see what we can do.

Q. Your position is good on that board, isn't it?
RICHARD GREEN: Absolutely. Right where I want to be, a couple of shots back I suppose and not too much pressure, and go out tomorrow, I may be a little bit out of the limelight and just post a score, see what happens.

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