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July 29, 2011

Marcel Siem


Q. How was that today? Nice repeat of day one, the score and all.
MARCEL SIEM: It was nice, a nice and calm start. Birdied the first and then I didn't hit the ball as good as yesterday I'd have to say. I hope it was the tee time, because 3 o'clock was actually not the time you go out on the golf course, you actually get off the golf course.
But yeah, my short game was really good, and my iron shots were very good, as well. It was just my driver today. I hit it a bit sideways on 11, from 11, 12, 13, 14 was really good, and I managed to just make two bogeys.
15 was a little unfortunate. I hit in the middle of the fairway and I had a wedge in my hands, 99 metres to the pin and I made bogies, hit a little too aggressive over the pin, over the green; well done. I think I got the wind direction wrong there. But the rest, I'm really happy, but I was not happy about the mistakes I made.
I eagled 16, and that was good. It was a 4-iron from 194 metres. Hit it to two metres, two and a half metres. And holed a nice putt on 17 from eight metres over the ridge.
It was a pretty tough putt, on 18, it was like, I don't know, 15 metres left-to-right up you the right-to-left and left-to-right to the hole and very slick behind the holes. I hit it two metres past and holed that one as well so I thought I was doing well today.

Q. We stand here about 8.00 in the evening which is far too late to finish a golf tournament but to finish in that kind of manner is satisfying, isn't it?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, definitely. It's a great venue here and I love that golf course, and the crowds we had here the first two rounds is perfect. We have that every week, it would be great. Once you start, it's always something special, and we only have the Open and Wentworth, and it's good. Luckily I have a late tee time tomorrow, so I'm okay with 8.00 coming off the golf course.

Q. Crowds stayed with you to the end.
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, I think there were a few Germans, and quite a few Irish people stayed there, as well, around 50. It was cool.

Q. Nice to have a few Germans there.
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, it's really nice. I can't figure out how many Germans are here but it's nice.

Q. On the note of nationality, I heard you saying about World Cup; so there's quite an incentive here isn't there?
MARCEL SIEM: I didn't want to talk about that actually. It came out from you guys. Because I'm very good friends with Alex and Martin, and I think Martin is playing anyhow and Alex is injured at the moment, so he can't play.
I would love to play World Cup, but two long rounds to go now. I think I have to make 90 spots or something or I think I have to win this tournament to play the World Cup. But if that happens, great. If not, I mean, good result would be good for me just to start with to be honest. Everybody wants to win, but I'm not thinking about winning.
I think it's the only tournament in the world where you are not allowed to defend your title. And it was a little bit depressing I have to say, especially the year after that I was not able to defend my title. I think it's time now to go back there, especially with Martin, the way he plays, and I think it will be a good force. I think it will be a good team for the World Cup to have a chance to win there?

Q. Off on a tangent, but to continue our conversation from yesterday, did you catch any fish?
MARCEL SIEM: Yes, I did! Three. But they were only perches, and medium to small, I have to say, but at least I caught something. That was good. Went out at 7, came back at 9, and then I sat down with Mark Roe and I had a little chat until 11 or 11.30, because there was no point in going to ten o'clock when you have -- I always want to wake up three hours before my tee time, but I couldn't manage it.
So I was awake at 9.30, which was pretty good actually, I have to say, and then I watched golf. I think it helped me quite a bit to see where the pins are and what the breaks are doing. It was pretty good to watch Clarkey and the boys this morning.

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