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July 29, 2011

Paula Creamer


Q. Playing here in different conditions, do you feel that's helped you?
PAULA CREAMER: I think it has helped a lot. I got to see the course in different conditions this week. The beginning of the week was pretty still and it was very sunny, when I played it was pretty windy, so that definitely has helped me. Hopefully the weekend it will pick up and blow.

Q. There's been some criticism that perhaps the course has been made a bit too easy. What do you think?
PAULA CREAMER: You never know about Mother Nature, if it's going to blow hard or rain or whatnot. The scores yesterday I was very surprised with how low they were. I know the morning half had beautiful weather, but the afternoon, still, there was a lot of really good scores under par. You look at it both ways.

Q. There could be more low scoring if these conditions stay the same over the weekend?
PAULA CREAMER: I mean, if it stays like this it's going to be a low score for sure. That's just kind of the first time we've ever been here, so it's difficult to set it up for us, but the pin placements, they can definitely put us in some hard spots, so that might make it a little bit more difficult.

Q. How are you enjoying the tournament in general?
PAULA CREAMER: Oh, this is one of my favourite events. I think that the Ricoh women's British Open is a great event. It means a lot to us all, and it's very special especially to be here at Carnoustie this year.

Q. Can I just ask what happened on the first tee?
PAULA CREAMER: Oh, I just got my rain pants.

Q. Just in case it rained?
PAULA CREAMER: Just in case.

Q. It didn't, though?

Q. Do you feel like you've done enough over two days?
PAULA CREAMER: Yes and no. I've felt that I've left a lot out there, made some mistakes that I wish I could go back and take over again, but I've done a lot of really good things, too. I put myself in a pretty good spot going into the weekend. I'm sure I'll be about five back going into tomorrow. That's a lot of golf, and if I get hot on Saturday, who knows.

Q. You said you needed to do some work before this event. What were you doing, and is it paying off?
PAULA CREAMER: With my game you mean? It's just I've been trying to tighten things up. I've been hitting the ball really well, I just have to make some more putts out there, and I've actually rolling the ball really well this week, and that's a positive from the past couple tournaments. That's what I have to take from it.

Q. 18, it hasn't been friendly to you.
PAULA CREAMER: I don't know. I don't know what's going on. Tomorrow I'm going to stand on that tee and I'm going to make a par and that's it. That's all I want to do. I don't know, the tee shot I get a little fooled out and I keep giving myself a really long club in. And this green is not acceptable when you hit a 6-iron in; you should be hitting a 9-iron in.

Q. Judging by the scores, can you set a target for Saturday?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, I know I am going to be pretty far back, probably five or six back going into the weekend, but if I just go out and make as many birdies as I have been and just eliminate those bogeys, then I feel that I'll be right in there on Sunday.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your round in general today?
PAULA CREAMER: I hit the ball well at the beginning. I kind of missed some tee shots here and there out there where it kind of put me into trouble, two times where I had to hit out sideways from pot bunkers. I made some really good putts, gave myself some opportunities and capitalised on it, and that's really all you can do out here is take what it gives you. Unfortunately I had two bogeys today, but other than that I played pretty solid.

Q. Can you talk about your birdies and bogeys?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, No. 1, birdie, I made it to about ten feet just left of the pin. I was just on the fringe. It was about a 15-footer.
And then the birdie on 4, I went driver, I think I had about 120 yards, hit a little 9-iron to about eight feet.
And then birdie on 8, hit a little 6-iron to about ten feet.
Bogey on 9, hit it in the bunker, had to go out sideways and hit a good rescue but didn't make the 15-footer.
Birdie on 17, 3 rescue, and then I hit a 3-wood today to about 30 feet, two-putted.
And then the bogey on 18, I missed my tee shot way right, and if you hit it right on that hole you have so much club into that green. And then I hit a 5-iron into the left bunker and missed about a 10-footer.

Q. What do you think the winning score will be?
PAULA CREAMER: It's going to be pretty low. If it stays like this there's a lot of birdies to be made out there. Unfortunately I wish it would be as windy as it can be. I like those kind of conditions. I showed yesterday I like playing in the tough stuff. But you have to take what it gives you, and if it's a nice day then you've got to go with it and you've got to make as many birdies -- I'm making a lot of birdies, I just need to eliminate the bogeys.

Q. Are your bogeys coming because you're hitting it in the bunkers?
PAULA CREAMER: No, it's not necessarily from the bunkers, it's just either course management myself or bad shots.

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