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July 29, 2011

Gary Woodland


Q. Gary, opening 65. You played the two par-5s at even par. Nicely done. Nice shot at 18 bouncing back from 17.
GARY WOODLAND: I appreciate it. Yeah, I played well all day. I hit two bad drives there on the par-5s. Got lucky there on 12; a little unfortunate there on 17.
All in all I played well today, and good momentum going forward.

Q. Course getting harder and harder condition-wise as the day went on. Seemed like you had some softness early where you could throw balls at the stake and...
GARY WOODLAND: It was, yeah. The greens have definitely firmed up, so it was nice keep the ball in the fairway and be able to control the spin a little bit on the greens.
Coming out of rough it was tough to stop.

Q. People always talk about how far you hit the ball and all that. You've heard that for years and years. Your iron play has really improved. That's been the key to your season, hasn't it?
GARY WOODLAND: Absolutely. I worked hard, especially on the wedges. I hit the wedges beautiful today. I had one there on 16 that was a little frustrating, but other than that, I mean, every time I had a wedge in my hand seemed like I gave myself inside ten feet... (wind disruption.)

Q. Is that the way you're playing the course, to try and keep a wedge in your hand? Because you didn't go at some greens that you might've with a bigger club off the tee. That's what you want, is a full wedge?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, everybody is trying to get the ball in the fairways. (Wind disruption.) If you do that we can control the spin.
All in all, pretty solid.

Q. 65 in the afternoon. That's amazing. A lot of times it goes the other way.
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I had chances to go a little bit lower, but made a shot there on 4, holed out from 105 yards.
So I got some good breaks, too. All in all, I played solid. Nice to get off to a good start.

Q. Describe the shot on No. 4 for us?
GARY WOODLAND: It was just a perfect number. I had 05 yards; hit a sand wedge in there. Really landed about (indiscernible) it went right in. It was nice to see. Hadn't made one in a while, so it was nice to make one.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, like I said, I could control spin. Out here you need to hit it high, especially later in the afternoon the greens firmed up. So it was nice to be able to have that shot where last year I didn't.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I mean, it was -- yeah, that was a tough shot over there. Can't be too long. I had 300 yards with a 2-iron, so I didn't think I was going to go over the green. It was slow. Hit a good shot and tried to give myself a chance to make par.

Q. What was it that you were fighting? Talking about coming back and working on your wedges, golf swing kind of got away from you...
GARY WOODLAND: Just everything. My lines, my setup -- you know, my whole golf swing depends on my setup. I get set up pretty good I can (indiscernible) pretty good.
I just got all messed up with setup, and it's been a struggle to get it back. But like I said, something clicked Friday morning at the British and just carried it over since.

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