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July 28, 2011

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM: It was very nice. I had a couple more chances on the front nine even. Didn't make them at the beginning but thought I was going to go, oh, please, not one of those days again, where you hit it close and don't make them. Then they start dropping, and was pretty nice.
Just the par 3, 6, it's a pretty tough hole. So just played it safe on the left and didn't up-and-down it, so that was the only bogey.
Then the back nine are always a little tougher than the front nine, and yeah, I didn't hit them close enough to make more birdies, but I was pretty steady round, no danger, and quite happy.

Q. Very solid and then you got your reward right at the end.
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, stayed patient and hit it in the bush on 16. So I had to take a drop and made a pretty good five. It's a shame. It's actually an easy, reachable hole for us today and you always think you're going to make birdie, but still a hole that you have to make birdies. So quite happy with that par. So 18 birdie, is always nice.
I took two weeks off and played too much in the middle of the season. I had a little baby girl and I thought, do the job beginning of the year, and you can take a few weeks off and enjoy the little one, but didn't really work out, my plan and I kept on playing.
After Munich, I played the U.S. Open, Munich, France and Scotland. I was really, really tired, and then I got a little injury as well in Scotland and was quite happy about this two weeks off. Now I'm enjoying it again.

Q. And the injury has cleared up?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, yeah. It was just a little one, but I didn't want to take any risk.
On the back nine in Scotland, I was far outside the cut mark anyhow. But I felt a little tweak there, so it's better to stop playing. I guess the two weeks off was great. The sunshine was not there unfortunately. It was raining and raining and raining. But it's better here in Ireland I have to say. It's very nice, enjoyable.

Q. Fatherhood change you? Different responsibilities?
MARCEL SIEM: I've got that question many times this year. On the golf course I don't, but in my private life, definitely. I've got way more responsibility and I just can't do what I want the whole time, because the little one is there. She needs to sleep, and I can't be loud and I have to go into another room to watch television or do whatever. But it's nice, it's really nice that somebody else is there that you have to take care of now.
On the golf course, maybe some other players it happens that they really change on the golf course. I think it's more the last two, three years, I got calmer and calmer. I will always be an emotional guy, and I don't think it doesn't matter if I have one or five kids. I will always be emotional. We will see if she's around on the golf course in three, four five years, might be different then.

Q. You can do what you like here, after your round. You can go fishing!
MARCEL SIEM: I did yesterday but we had really bad rods. We went to Dunloe Castle, the river, but the line was only three metres long, so you couldn't throw it out properly. I think today I got asked -- is it called ghillie, the other guy who was driving the boat, and Mark Roe, he said he wants to go fishing, as well on Friday, maybe we'll do it together. I have a 3.00 tee time tomorrow, so I might go out late tomorrow and do a bit of fishing.

Q. Bernd Wiesberger said there's nothing wrong with those rods; he caught something.
MARCEL SIEM: Ooohhrrgghh! That's true, actually (laughing). He caught the first fish in the first three minutes, that's true.

Q. And he wants you to go out with Guinness, as well.
MARCEL SIEM: With Guinness he wants to go out?

Q. Why not?
MARCEL SIEM: No, we don't drink Guinness. We don't do that.

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