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July 28, 2011

David Horsey


DAVID HORSEY: I didn't play well really. Kept did it down the middle. Still had a bit of a necky cut going on, which was straight in, which was always my bad shot to be honest so I know I can play with it. But yeah, it was a bit of a frustrating day and towards the end there, it was nice, a half-decent shot in to 15 and holed it and eagled 16, so we sort of -- strong finish, really, turned around what could have been a very average day.

Q. Talk us through the eagle.
DAVID HORSEY: Good driver, one of my best of the day, hit 3-wood to about 15 feet, quick putt above the hole and just tried to get the line and pace right and managed to get them both so perfect.

Q. It is worth stressing those positives when you score as well as this, despite not being happy with the way you played?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, I holed out well today and I didn't really have the pace of the greens, perhaps due to the fact that I was not hitting it close enough. Those sort of putts keep you in the tournament and I managed to hole them today and finishing birdie, eagle, sets me up for -- well, great start really.

Q. I take it there was a good buzz out there playing alongside the home hero as well as the defending champion?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, it was great fun. It's always nice to be paired with the top players in the world, and obviously Rory being one of them; Ross Fisher, and it's great to watch him play and to learn from it really. I'm still learning my trait a little bit and try to pick up as much information as I can to try and help me with my game.

Q. The crowds know their golf here, and I imagine there's a lot more on the gauge because of what's happened in Irish golf. How was it?
DAVID HORSEY: It's definitely fantastic. To start with, even crowds at half seven this morning were obviously big and now it's turned into four or five times as many.
So it's great to see all of the Irish fans out there supporting us, and hopefully we'll give them something to cheer on over the weekend.

Q. Good to be back in Killarney?
DAVID HORSEY: It is, yeah. I've got home -- well, my Mum's from Cork, so not too far away. Plenty of fans coming up from Cork now, tomorrow and the weekend, and hopefully I can give them something to cheer about.

Q. Have they been in touch for tickets?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, I've given a few tickets to my Mum, she's doing all of the organisation. It will be good to see them and hopefully I can be up there on Sunday.

Q. How is the course condition?
DAVID HORSEY: I think we got a little bit more rain leading up, so it's green and they have managed to get it into it great condition. The greens are fantastic, a little slow but still rolling true so you can hole a lot of putts out there. Perhaps playing a little bit longer generally but it's in very good condition.

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