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July 28, 2011

Christian Nilsson


Q. The front nine with eight pars and one bogey, suddenly six birdies in seven holes, what changed.
CHRISTIAN NILSSON: The score. I don't know what happened. I played really got front nine as well, but I didn't hole any putt at all, and then I made a bogey on the par 5. But then I suddenly made a few putts and kept playing good and holed a few more putts.

Q. What's it like on a run like that making birdie after birdie after birdie?
CHRISTIAN NILSSON: It wasn't that difficult at that moment. Everything is just rolling on and you can just hit the ball and it's finished up good. So it was quite easy when you're in that kind of situation.

Q. Your Race to Dubai situation is improving year by year; what's improving in your play?
CHRISTIAN NILSSON: I think my technique and my swing has improved and my short is game as well this year. I think those two are the keys. My long game, my irons and my short game.

Q. What happened in the middle of the round that turned it around?
CHRISTIAN NILSSON: Holed a good putt on the 10th, par 3, that was the turning point. I made a good up-and-down before that and suddenly the putts are starting to drop.

Q. In terms of the season, you climbed steadily in your career to this point and you had a good chance last week, in fact, as well. Where are you in terms of being able to challenge to win a title like this?
CHRISTIAN NILSSON: I don't know, I think my game has been got last couple of weeks. Just had a bad finish last week but my game was really good last week and today I played good again. I don't know, I just keep on playing and hope for a good result.

Q. What's the chance of two Swedish winners in a row?
CHRISTIAN NILSSON: It was a great week, especially for us Swedes. It was a big week and it was fun that a Swede won as well and Alex was playing great. And hopefully I can play good this week, as well. Winning is a big step for me, of course, but I hope I can play two, three, good more rounds.

Q. A few players have said that the greens are slopey. You obviously thought that there was a direct line to the hole and every single one of them on the back nine.
CHRISTIAN NILSSON: The greens are tricky but I missed a few putts on the front nine and came back to me the back nine instead. The greens are tricky but it's a fun course to play.
Three more days, so we'll see.

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