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July 28, 2011

Sophia Popov


SOPHIA POPOV: It's only my professional second tournament because I'm still an amateur, and yeah, my first British Open.

Q. What was your first professional tournament?
SOPHIA POPOV: It was the Swiss Open just a couple weeks ago in Losone.

Q. What are you studying?
SOPHIA POPOV: I'm studying communications, sports media.

Q. What year are you in?
SOPHIA POPOV: I just finished my freshman year. I'm a sophomore now.

Q. Tell us a little bit about today if you could.
SOPHIA POPOV: Well, I finished -- I started pretty strong, but I was like, okay, let's see how it goes, because I think it's really hard to finish good. I think the last couple holes are really hard. But I managed to just keep my score together in the middle, and with a birdie on 16, that was a great turnaround from the bogey on the hole before, and I thought, okay, now two more holes. I was trying to make a birdie on 17, but that didn't work out. But in the end I just kept it together pretty well.

Q. When did you come over and start playing? When did you come over to the UK?
SOPHIA POPOV: I came on Monday.

Q. You played a couple practice rounds?
SOPHIA POPOV: No, I only played yesterday because I came Monday late, pretty late. I came from the European Individuals, so I didn't have Tuesday because it was a pro-am, so I only had a Wednesday practice round.

Q. Were you nervous?
SOPHIA POPOV: Very. I think I was lucky that I was teeing off at 6:30 and there weren't that many people, so that kind of made me cool down a little. I was pretty nervous. I was happy with being able to open it up. I was like, that's cool.

Q. How were your playing partners? Did they give you advice?
SOPHIA POPOV: Yeah, I know Caroline pretty well because I played with her when she was still an amateur, so I know her. They were super nice, so that really helps. They know what it feels like because they've been here just a couple years ago, not too long ago, so they know how I feel.

Q. I was with your parents when you made the birdie on the 2nd, and they said, she's leading The Open.
SOPHIA POPOV: That's right. I never thought about that (laughing). I knew I wanted to make a birdie at the beginning, just try to start off pretty well. I never thought about that. I was leading at one point.

Q. So going around you looked really quite comfortable. Your ball flight seemed to suit links golf I thought.
SOPHIA POPOV: Yeah, my drives over the past couple weeks, my driving curve has been a little flatter, I've hit it flatter, but I didn't want to change that because I knew I was going to come here, and I was like, why would I change that, I don't want to hit it high in the wind. So I can make them roll quite a lot and I had short irons into the greens, and except for on 18 I hit pretty good irons, so that helped.

Q. On 6 you hit a great approach.

Q. Carnoustie seems to be a place where if you hit a good shot you get rewarded.

Q. Your playing partners were just a little bit off and --
SOPHIA POPOV: Exactly, and I think that's crazy. Same with me on 17, it wasn't that bad of a shot, but I mean, it got the bunker and just like two metres further less and I would have been fine. I think either you get rewarded or not. I think you just have to hit the right side of the green, then mostly you do get rewarded. You have to be clever about it, I guess.

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