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July 28, 2011

Joey Sindelar


Q. Were there any Buckeye fans kind of cheering you on?
MARK O'MEARA: Oh, sure, yeah. I was getting lots of well wishes out there, and "go Buckeyes" and all that kind of stuff. I can certainly tell I'm in the state of Ohio. That's good stuff.

Q. Do you think an 8- or 9-under is out there today?
MARK O'MEARA: Today? Could have been, yeah. The pins were not dastardly, the wind was down. They're playing in a little more wind now. Yeah, it would have to be -- let me say it the other way around the block; what's the lead, 5 or 6? 5 is not surprising to me, so from 5 to 8, that's -- are you electric with your putter is the only difference there.
I think when it's rained -- it's interesting, when there's this much rain, the amount of rain we had softens everything, but it doesn't soften the fairways to the point where you're losing a lot of roll, but it does soften them to the point where the fairways are playing effectively wider because now it's not rolling out, and then the greens are more receptive.
So this morning was the time to get it for sure. You know, 8, I don't think that's an outlandish statement. I think that was possible. Again, I'm not at all surprised that 5 was there and 6 may show up.

Q. Holes 12 through 16, everybody has been making a big deal about how tough they are. Did you find them to be that difficult?
MARK O'MEARA: Sure, they're hard holes, and we didn't see all of them. We didn't see all of the torture tests. The par-3 tee was up, and the pin was up, so that potentially got 25 or 30 yards there we didn't see. It was a 7-iron today for me. The tee was up a deck on 13. 14, there was no wind, so it didn't play that long. And 15 was up a deck.
Yeah, I mean, that's the meat of the course. It's interesting, it just happens to be an interesting way it's glued together. So many of the classic bloody nose holes are in a row here. Often you get a couple and then you get a rest. So sometimes you see 8 and 9 at Pebble Beach, but then you've got 7 and 10 on each side so it's not so bad. But here, their version of Pebble Beach is let's do it four times in a row.

Q. And you started on the back?
MARK O'MEARA: I started on the back, and I think that was okay. We got lucky with this wind direction.

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