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July 22, 2011

Kevin Spurgeon


Q. Hell of a round there, isn't it?
KEVIN SPURGEON: I enjoyed it, after yesterday. I mean, I played good on the back nine yesterday to keep me sort of 5-over or 4-over after nine. I was really struggling a bit.
Played better. Today, I was on the range, and I couldn't hit it. Honestly, I wasn't striking it at all. I was getting so cheesed off.
(Inaudible). So all the changes, go on with it. Then I make birdie on the first and the second. And the swing was there. It just felt there.

Q. Get your bad shots out of the way on the range?
KEVIN SPURGEON: That's what I'm going to do next time. Shanking it and topping, go shoot a good day.
But my swing was -- I haven't played that well over the past few weeks. The swing has not been quite right. I was injured for quite a long time.

Q. Elbow?
KEVIN SPURGEON: My elbow and spine. Maybe, eight, nine weeks ago. Injured it. And I struggled, it was a ligament in my elbow. I didn't play well. Lost a bit of my confidence really. It's okay now. It's fine. I can't bend the elbow from yesterday's round. But it's better today. So I played nice. Swing feels like it's coming back. So hopefully we'll carry on with it.

Q. A difference with the swing?
KEVIN SPURGEON: It's probably up here, really. A lot of it is up there. I probably haven't done anything different, to be honest, with the swing. I never really do.
But I focused a little bit more and also got, Gary, said come on, we've got to keep it going. I played difficult holes well, too, and I was driving it well, which was the key around here. Driving it well.
I missed one fairway, missed one fairway because I was trying to hit it soft. That was 13. On the right, trying to hit soft, going into the bunker, should have hit different club, really. Dropped a shot there. Ripped it down 14. Hit 7-iron in on 14. And 16, great driver. Just a bad pitch into the middle of the green, 2-putt, and missed a green on 16 for the right, and then birdie. Good drive up the last, as well, up there.

Q. Just felt good all day then?
KEVIN SPURGEON: Well, you know, I wanted to qualify. I didn't want to -- I've been playing not great. And this is a good tournament to do well in. Four rounds of golf. Competitive. So I've done it now.

Q. I mean, in terms of -- I mean, over the years you've produced a number of good rounds. But to do it on the Senior Open, there's a lot more attention, a lot more pressure, a lot more --
KEVIN SPURGEON: There really -- there was pressure, of course, there was. I was 5-over par. The only way I could go was go the other way. If I went the other way, then I would have just given up, which I probably shouldn't do. And the start was good. Felt relaxed.
Hit tee shot down the first, which was okay. Felt good about that. And then from then I was fine. Felt good with the irons. And just a psychological thing probably. And I've been swinging it well. I just lost a bit of confidence. But hopefully it's come back and sticks for the weekend.

Q. Does it take the pressure off? Do you think you just go out play now and just enjoy it?
KEVIN SPURGEON: The thing I wanted to do was make sure I tried to make the cut. I knew it was going to be probably about 3 or 4-over par. So I was quite happy to try and make a couple of birdies, but of course it kept going forward. Kept going, then, doing as well as I can.

Q. Doing good and --
KEVIN SPURGEON: Putting nicely. Made a huge difference. The last few weekends, I putting, in Switzerland putted, couldn't hole anything. Played great, couldn't hole anything for 1-over level par. It's coming. It's coming. Second part of the season, so bounce back.

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