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July 22, 2011

Charl Schwartzel


Q. I know a disappointing finish to your round but still pretty good playing for two rounds. In the hunt going into the weekend. If you could just talk a little bit about that.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, I got myself back in the tournament. No one seems to be running away right now. I actually made birdie on my last hole and ended up with a bogey. As you know, I think 67 is a decent score on this golf course.
Played really solid golf today. I drove it well. Put it in position off the tee, and that is pretty much key around here. Otherwise, I'm happy. I'm happy with the score and looking forward to the weekend.

Q. There are scores to be made out there. There are two 65s today, a couple of 67s.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, like I said, if you get it off the tee and get it in the fairway, the greens are really good. The conditions are really good. If you can get yourself on line and not chopping through these greens, you can definitely make birdie.
But, yeah, it's not as easy as that sounds. The fairways are pretty narrow and the holes are long. So it demands drivers, and I think it's a very good thing.

Q. We heard they moved some tees around today, did that help with the length?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, it's nice to see a bit of variety. It is a long course as it is. I mean, you don't need to play every single tee off the back. A little bit of a variety make it's very interesting for a few birdies.

Q. Where do you stand on the rough? It's such a talking point for the last few days. It is what it is?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, it's the same for everyone. I think a course like this at the end day what makes it nice is that I would think by Sunday that your best player would win. You don't get lucky winners around a course like this.

Q. (Indiscernible).
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, I have in 2008 and '09, we spent some time here in Canada.

Q. I mean, are you surprised that the course is so difficult? It is a national open, but it's not a major.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: I mean, the course I played in Canada wasn't set up for a championship course. It was sort of wide open. But I expected a tough course. It's a nice course. It's tree-lined and tough, you know. Week in and week out, the course seems to be easier than it used to be.
You get tired of playing it off the tee and not playing well and still being well in the tournament. I think now and again it's good to play a golf course like this to see who the best players are.

Q. Do you think 2-under come Sunday is a good number?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Probably won't win, but you know, 5 or 6-under. You just need to get someone playing well. Obviously if you're under par right now, you're playing good golf. And if you continue it, there are birdies to be made. Just need to hit some good shots.

Q. Lee Janzen just talked about getting confidence for the back. He knows he's hitting great golf shots under tough conditions under the spotlight. Do you get confidence from the same thing?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, it always gives you lots of confidence if you play well under pressure in situations like these. You know, it's something to ride on.

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