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September 3, 1996

Andrei Medvedev


Q. What did you think of him today and in general?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: Well, obviously he's a great player, very talented. I think he played well today. If he keeps playing like this, he has a good chance to win.

Q. Did he surprise you with anything today?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: No. I expected him to come out strong and serve well, hit his forehand well. He gave me chances. It was up to me to convert them. He played well and he deserves it.

Q. What advice did Bob Brett give you about playing Goran?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: I think it's private. I don't think it should be discussed with the press.

Q. Finally let you play on a major court at this tournament today. Did you feel slighted at all having to play on the outside courts?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: No. It was a bit different for me to play in the center court because I played on the center court of the big events for almost a year now. For about 15 minutes, I was a bit confused. But I practiced two times on center court this week, so it's not really an excuse. After 15 minutes, I was fine.

Q. You don't feel good now about losing. Tomorrow morning, perhaps, when things have calmed down a little bit, will you think, "I've had a few good weeks in a row"?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: I realized that I played some good tennis. I'm very disappointed, not so much with the fact that I lost, even though it's enough to be disappointed, but with the way I lost. I think I had great chances to win in both third and fourth set, I had breakpoints, and I should have convert them. I made the wrong shot selections, didn't really go for my shots. I think this I would regret; I would play those points differently. But overall I think I played okay. It's not enough to win the big tournaments.

Q. Do you see that your ability now to attack at the net and be very good at the net now has changed your game in a big way?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: Well, we've worked on that since the beginning of the year, with Bob. My game is getting better, I'm more aggressive, cover the net more, I feel more comfortable. I think I should have come to the net a bit more today. I needed some of the free points that I could get at the net. There's another nothing -- it's another thing I regret that I didn't do.

Q. Here you are 21, 22, isn't it amazing to you that you could have started doing this three years ago and how much farther along you would be by now?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: I think it takes my understanding to do this. If I just do it because coach tells me to do that, I don't think it's right. I have to understand what I'm doing. Three years ago, I didn't understand this kind of game can be successful for me. Now I realize that I can play and I see the result is good and I keep working on it keep improving. It's disappointing because I thought I had a game to go further than the fourth round. I mean, once again, it's a good lesson. I hope I do well.

Q. Where will you go from here, Andrei?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: I'm scheduled to play in Bournemouth next week on clay in England. I think this will be the next one for me.

Q. Whose is the toughest serve to return among the current players?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: A few players have a great serve. It's not that much the speed, it's the disguise of the serve. Goran has a pretty good disguise. There are a couple more guys that serve quite well, placement of the serve as well. Goran will be in the top three for sure.

Q. Is it to say the key was when you had 15-40 in the first game, then you lost your service game?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: That was a big swing for me because I had the momentum on my side at 15-40. I should have broke him then. I saw he was getting really confused. This game was big. Once again, I knew that it's big. I made the wrong shot selections. I mean, this is something that I will regret for sure until the next time we meet. It's a good lesson. Unfortunately it's too expensive. Life will go on, I mean. I try to correct myself already tomorrow -- I mean, today. Unfortunately now the chance is gone.

Q. Goran has not won a title in the United States. Why do you think that is?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: I don't know. You should ask Goran.

Q. How difficult is it for you to be different personally? You were just so open before and right now you're focused on tennis here? You're not as open as you have been before.


Q. How difficult is it to be different?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: It's not different. I know what I'm here for. I'm here to win. I'm here to play tennis. I'm not here to talk to anybody. I understand that it's part of my job, the part that I like. I think my personality hasn't changed. Talking about other things than tennis will just disconcentrate me. I'm here to play tennis only, not to talk about my private life or any other things. When I come here, I'm talking about tennis. I try to stick to answer questions, but that's it. My personality hasn't changed.

Q. It has changed because you grew up, some bad experience, but your coach told you, "Just focus on tennis"?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: No. Once again, I'm a bit older than 18 and 19, more experience in life, on the tennis circuit. Before I didn't know that it takes lots of energy to talk about other things. Now I'm here for tennis. I feel that every word that is said which doesn't concern tennis is a distraction. I know that it's not good for me, not good for my job. That's why I'm more serious. But once again, the tournament is over now for me. If you give me some time, I'll be normal.

Q. You spent a year on the ATP players board. You're no longer associated with that. Are you disappointed with that year?

ANDREI MEDVEDEV: I felt that it was tough to change something. It was difficult to change the things that we wanted to change. I didn't want to be responsible for players because, once again, it was taking my mind away from tennis in a way. Secondary, I'm a responsible guy and I couldn't be responsible for so many players.

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