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July 16, 2011

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE: They've only got the 4th tee up 20 yards. It's 250 to reach the fairway in a howling gale; can't get there. I hit it in a bunker. You could have put that tee much further up. It was only about three or four people in the field that can hit the ball 250 in a howling gale. Apart from that, it was brutal.

Q. Where was the ball? Did you have to climb up the sand?
PAUL LAWRIE: No, the ball was in the middle of the bunker at the bottom. I didn't hit a good shot, but even then, you're aiming in the left rough down that hole.

Q. You couldn't have reached the fairway?
PAUL LAWRIE: I couldn't have reached even the fairway, no.

Q. (Inaudible.)
PAUL LAWRIE: No. I got it out, but it went straight right.

Q. How extreme did it get at times?
PAUL LAWRIE: Well, I think we went through six or seven gloves and four or five towels. It's just outrageous. It's brutal. You've just got to -- Tom Watson is 1-under out there after 10 holes. It's frightening, ridiculous. Didn't play very good, but the conditions were awful.

Q. Is this the kind of conditions that if you were at home and you were going to go play, you went outside and looked, you'd go right back in?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, there's people playing against us today. I said to the crowd at the 15th, there was about 40 or 50 walking around, "you're just mental. Just mental." I just don't understand that at all. I'm getting paid. I've got to be there. But it's part of the game.

Q. Your second round at St. Andrews last year, I'm trying to remember --
PAUL LAWRIE: It was blowing a gale. We got the rough end of the draw, but that day there was loads of people in the 80s, and I'm sure there will be loads of people today in the 80s. 76, 77 is a hell of a score out there today.

Q. Being The Open, how is the support?
PAUL LAWRIE: Well, you want to play well every week, but obviously The Open is special to British people. You want to do your best, and you go out there today and the conditions are -- but then it's not unplayable because Tom Watson is 1-under out there after 10 and he's in the worst of the weather.
I didn't play very good. 81 is the most it could have been, but it was brutal.

Q. When you're getting ready to play this tournament on this golf course, is that bunker that you're talking about at 4 even something you pay attention to?
PAUL LAWRIE: Not at the start of the week, no. It's played down off the right pretty much every day, and we hit 3-wood, gap wedge on Thursday. And today even if you'd hit a great -- I think you're going to struggle to get on in two with two woods today. That's just how the golf course is in links golf. The wind changes round and easy holes become tough and tough holes become easy.

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