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July 16, 2011

Louis Oosthuizen


Q. Talk about how different it is playing in these conditions. Choose a couple of holes.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Well, even 8, they moved the 8th up about 40 yards, and I couldn't get there with driver, 3-wood. I got to the front edge. In the practice round we were hitting 3-iron, sand wedge, and that's if you hit the fairway. If you didn't hit the fairway, you had to lay it up and you're looking at a 140-yard third shot into the rain and wind and everything. So if you just look at that all, the golf course played just so tough.
You know, the 4th was probably a par-5 today, driver, rescue, and I had 50 yards in. So I saw that as a good par-5 today.

Q. Did you feel that bunker was in play today or not?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I didn't think so. I think when I saw where my drive finished up, I knew it was, so luckily I didn't think about it on the tee, because that was my line. I finished 50 yards onto the fairway but on the left. The wind just took it all the way to the left.

Q. Was that a two-club wind or a three-club wind?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Today whichever club you feel you can hit under the wind. I'd say at 16 I hit 4-iron and it was only 140 metres, probably could get a 5 or 6 there, but I didn't see the point of trying to make a hard swing. You know, if it's just windy you can make proper swings, but today you just -- whatever you felt comfortable with, you hit.

Q. Do you feel you still have a chance in the tournament?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I mean, I'm a long way back. It depends on what everyone does out there now. But at the moment, ten behind is -- it depends on what everyone else -- I think if the weather stays like this tomorrow, I don't know what the forecast is. If you can be within six shots I think you've got a chance.

Q. You're The Open champion and you made it to the weekend of the next one. You must be pleased with yourself.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: With the way I started, very pleased, 4-over through 10 holes, not hitting it well, and then got it back to eventually 2-over after two rounds. You know, I wasn't feeling very comfortable out on the golf course, so I felt very happy. You know, just trying to get somewhere close to up there to just try and make a good defence.

Q. What would you say par is today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: 74, I think. 74 was my number.

Q. (Inaudible.)
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I made loads of up-and-downs today. You know, it's crucial. You know you're going to have those 40-yard shots up and down for pars, and today -- I think today you played it like a proper links, to see a lot more bump-and-run shots around the greens.

Q. How many gloves and towels did you use?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Four gloves and four towels. That's why I said I just laughed because I've never played in it like this. Whenever you have social rounds and it just starts raining a little bit, you say, I'm out of here, boys, but I couldn't do that today.

Q. Did you wear any extra clothing?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No, just rain suit, really, and the big old gloves to keep my hands warm. Other than that -- it wasn't that cold. The last four holes got a bit cold because I was so wet. So luckily this tournament is this time of the year. I think if it was in October and it started like this, it would really get very cold.

Q. Do you still think it's a fair contest?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It's a tough contest. You know, this golf course, just coping with the fairways and everything, the way it slopes, you've got to -- your practice rounds have to be so on the spot. Your course management has got to be really good around here, and like any links golf, you're going to have a bad bounce, but you're also going to have good bounces. So you're going to have shots going straight towards a bunker and it takes a bounce away from it, and you're going to have it the other way, too. All in all I think it's the same for everyone, so that's Open golf.

Q. When you won last year did you buy a tractor?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Afterwards, yes.

Q. For your farm?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I bought a tractor afterwards for my farm.

Q. What was more difficult, the wind or the rain?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I feel the wind. You can hit little shots -- well, I can see myself hit low shots and stuff, but when the rain is -- just to feel like making a proper swing is difficult already, when wind is one or two shots -- if you put rain with that, you're looking at three, four clubs. It's really tough right now.

Q. How much was that tractor?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: What do you mean how much, the size of it?

Q. No, how much did it cost?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Why do you want to know that? It was a 6 Series tractor, John Deere.

Q. Those things are expensive, aren't they? The ones with air-conditioning?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No, but I didn't go for the big one. The big, big ones are for the real farmers.

Q. Is yours a dairy farm?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No, I've just got cattle, breed cattle, 140 acres.

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