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July 15, 2011

Chad Campbell


CHAD CAMPBELL: A lot of them are on the edges. I'd say there's four or five that are just off the fall-offs on either the right or the left, and it makes it tough to get the ball close.

Q. Was it really a bit like home for you today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: A bit like home? Yeah, it is. In West Texas we get a lot of wind, and the terrain is not really similar, but I can definitely relate.

Q. Not a lot of trees?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not a lot of trees, hard ground.

Q. Do you enjoy the links courses?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I do, I do. I really enjoy coming over here. I think this is my seventh one, and I've enjoyed every one. It's a little bit different kind of golf. You've got to be very creative around here, around the greens, and play a lot of different shots than we do over in the States.

Q. You're a low-ball flight guy, too, aren't you?

Q. In other words, you can do it?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah. I grew up playing in the wind so much that if you couldn't do that, you wouldn't last too long.

Q. What did you do last year because you weren't here? Do you remember what you did for that week?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I'm trying to think.

Q. Stay home with the family?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, exactly. I don't think I did much. I really can't remember to be honest with you.

Q. How much calm did you have out there before it started gradually picking up?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Right. I would say the front nine it was pretty calm, and then we turned to 10, I believe, and 10 was straight into the wind. You could kind of feel it then. And then I would say once we got to 14 or so it was really starting to blow, around 15, 20.

Q. Are you starting to feel like you got the good half of the draw, the late-early?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I would say so. I think so. I'm definitely not complaining with my tee times. You know, the guys in the evening yesterday had it pretty good, and I was the early part of that, but I definitely had it better today.

Q. This thing of the coverage over here with Americans not winning majors as regularly as they used to, is that something you and your friends or other American players, do you talk about that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, not at all.

Q. Or do you just play for yourselves?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, pretty much, just kind of go on with whatever I'm doing. Don't talk about it that much. It definitely has happened. Americans haven't won one in a while.

Q. It's not something you sit around the locker room and discuss with each other?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, not me personally, no.

Q. You can blame Kenny Perry, though, if you wanted.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, definitely, there you go.

Q. Anything about this course in particular?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I really don't know. I feel pretty comfortable around it. My lines off the tees and stuff like that, some of the other courses in the past I haven't gotten real comfortable on where to go. It's definitely nice. I've already played here once in the past and I've seen the course before. I don't know what it is; I feel comfortable.

Q. (Inaudible.)
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I think so. I think a little bit friendlier off the tee, especially, say, 1 and 17 for sure, and the rough is not quite as high. You can get some bad bounces. You hit it right down the middle of the fairway and you can get some bad bounces just into the rough. But they've made it where you can play out of there very easily.

Q. The last couple times you've been way up and in the mix have probably been in majors, unless I'm missing something. Is there an explanation for that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, there's not. I really don't know. As far as this week, I was just excited to come here, not being able to play last year and not qualifying last year.
Like I said, I enjoy coming over here and playing the golf.

Q. How are things going at home? Starting to settle down with all the youngsters?
CHAD CAMPBELL: A little bit. We've got three little ones - three, two and one, and they were all out last week, so we had a good week last week, and then I flew over.

Q. When was your second baby born?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Second one was September 5, and then March 22nd of last year was our youngest.

Q. And you adopted the third right around the same time the second one was born?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Right around the same time, yes.

Q. Within a couple, three weeks?

Q. Because that was all kind of coming down on you before the Masters last year.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Right. Yeah, we had a lot going on there for a while, so everything is great now, though.

Q. When you get out here on the road is it less chaotic for you?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Sometimes, but I get my one good night of sleep and then I miss them like crazy. They're awesome.

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