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July 14, 2011

Padraig Harrington


PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: One of the Wilson guys has got cancer, and so I said I would wear the badge and the cap helps the badge stand out.

Q. (Inaudible.)
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: I have no idea, and you know what, I would say I'm the only guy in this whole theatre who has no opinion on it, none whatsoever. None. Some guys love it, some guys -- more positive than negative, but I don't have an opinion. I honestly do not have -- as I said, it's one of the Wilson guys, very young guy, 30 years of age, is ill, and the badge is there and the hat helps promote that.

Q. Is it male cancer?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yes, male cancer. They don't like to use the other words because it doesn't -- that's how they term it is male cancer.

Q. Is this what you expected from your first round interview?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: No, I thought I'd be talking about my birdies. Do you like it? Hands up, who likes it? Hands up, who doesn't like it? It's actually very warm and very comfortable in the wind. I would definitely wear it again in links condition.

Q. Did you consider a beret?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: No, that's reserved for Bubba. (Laughter.)

Q. What was the birdie on 17?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: I hit a perfect tee shot down the right-hand side. I hit a lovely 9-iron to three feet, four feet, knocked it in. If I played golf like that all the time, I'd be great. I hit a 5-iron. As I said, if my chipping was a little bit better -- 15 is a tough tee shot. You take it on, I hit it in the bunker and then I took the wedge shot on. It was a tough one. You hit it down the fairway and -- it certainly wasn't far away from 70 sort of thing. I feel a bit disappointed shooting 73.

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