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July 14, 2011

Jason Dufner


JASON DUFNER: Difficult golf course, difficult conditions. Second time playing British Open. This is a pretty good test to get the ball in play. Luckily the conditions kind of calmed down there in the second half, so that was nice.

Q. What will you take away from today?
JASON DUFNER: You know, I was 5-over after 6 and ended up shooting 4-over, so that's a pretty good comeback with the conditions. Hopefully the last 12 holes that I played can carry over tomorrow and get some scores in the red.
Bjorn had a great round today, but I don't see guys really putting themselves way ahead with multiple under-par scores this week.

Q. What do you expect for tomorrow?
JASON DUFNER: It's kind of hit or miss with the weather. I had heard the weather is supposed to be a little bit better, but I think over here you never know. It was supposed to be a little worse today wind-wise and some rain, so didn't have much of that, and then the wind kind of set down on the back nine. You never know, it's whatever it might be on that particular hole. Hopefully the sun will come out.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JASON DUFNER: No, St. Andrews a little bit, but that's quite different than I think here. There's a lot more humps and bumps and different kicks that you can get out here, and there is a bit of luck on this golf course, I think. You can hit great shots and they kind of roll away from holes or into bunkers or into the rough.

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