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July 11, 2011

Hee Kyung Seo


Q. How was it to warm up for it? Take us through the day a little bit.
HEE KYUNG SEO: Well, I woke up early and I was prepared for like nobody knows what's gonna happen, so I was preparing warmup and eat some breakfast and try to keep my mind comfortable.
And I just did my routine, yeah.

Q. What do you think when you made that putt on 18?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Well, it was -- I was two stroke behind her, so...

Q. Before the playoff when she tied you.
HEE KYUNG SEO: I didn't hear, it but I heard sounds of clapping. So, oh, yeah, it's gonna happen.
Actually this is my second playoff, but I played with So Yeon last time too, but she won twice. I hope to win this tournament, but I think I did best. Unfortunately, I couldn't win, but I did my everything, so I'm happy.

Q. Where were you when you heard the applause? The practice range?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Oh, yeah, in practice range.

Q. Did you feel she had a little bit more of an advantage in that she had already played a few holes?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Yes, I think she played 16, 17, 18 holes, same hole location, and she knows about like green conditions and wind. Everything was a little bit advantage for her.
I was keep trying to keep confident, but I miss 17 tee shot, so that was big. Yeah, I think.

Q. What does this do for South Korea in general, you guys finishing so high?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Oh, I don't know. Well, actually, this is the first win that Korean women won in this year, so not even Korean player but also American like nation, international players doing very hard training.
So we're going up together, and I don't know.

Q. This is the first time they've had the three-hole playoff.
HEE KYUNG SEO: Oh, yeah?

Q. Yeah. I mean, do you wish it had been an 18-hole playoff?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I thought it was 18 playoff, but they said it's gonna be three holes. But it's better than one hole. So, yeah, I like it. Yeah.

Q. What did Pak mean to you and all the Korean girls?
HEE KYUNG SEO: She's like legend in Korean players. She made all the base of LPGA for us to come here, and she's doing really great job now too. She's helping us -- helping us everything we don't know about it. Yeah, she's legend of us.

Q. Did you see her following you around?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Yeah, she said, You did really nice job, I'm very proud of you, to me.

Q. She tried to spray the champagne on you?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Yeah. I had white clothes. I didn't want to get champagne on it.

Q. Are you going to play more in the States? Will we see more of you in the U.S.?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Yeah, I'm playing LPGA Tour now, so it's possible I can, I will play in here, yeah.

Q. What was the event that you were in the playoff with Ryu? What event was that?
HEE KYUNG SEO: It's KLPGA tour. It was in China. China Ladies Open. It was in 2009.

Q. When did you realize it was only three holes and not 18?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Yesterday, yeah.

Q. Somebody told you?

Q. Who told you?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I don't remember.
I was so nervous and I had no idea in my brain yesterday, so I don't remember.

Q. Did you warm up any differently? I mean, you just warmed up like you were playing a regular round?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Yeah, I just did my routine thing, yeah.

Q. What happened on 17 today? Can you take us back through that hole?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I think the rhythm wasn't quite good. I was little fast at the top, so I couldn't rotate my body. The ball goes to the right.
But I did really good at the bunker, but I made same mistake on third shot.

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